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our whole Feminine Culture is wiped out? Humanity is impoverished, imbalanced, dysfunctional and Women are sick on every single level. Cultural & sexual misrepresentation ensues. Oppression the state of being oppressed – the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally + physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, cruelty + restraints, dis-ease and violence cycles, war + genocide, […]

doing all the things in struggle town. And I have your back. Because your story is my story which is the global Feminine story. You know what you’re really struggling with? The impact and after effects of generational oppression. This male paradigm has been very busy gender cleansing and obliterating our whole Feminine Culture over […]

Today’s blog is dedicated to Matriarchy. A foreign concept to modern man and one seldom spoken about. The scholars and archaeologists are fluent in his-story, completely ignorant of the larger cycles at work. They still attribute the incredible structures and ruins of Matriarchy to aliens, if mentioned at all. And yet it’s our Whole Feminine Culture! […]

Today’s blog is for every little girl in the World. Dedicated to you because you are tomorrow’s Women. And we need you now more than ever. This blog is dedicated to every single one of you no matter where you live or what you look like. This is especially written for those of you with […]

Psst. Hey you. Who are you? Yeah you. Who are you? I mean who are you really? No, not what you do to earn a dollar. No, not the shit you post on fakebook. I want to know who you are deep down inside. And what the f*ck you stand for? So I’ll go first. […]

How can we possibly be sustainable with every bright, shiny, gadgety, thing, under the sun? Fact: we’re having an obscene impact on our environment. And no-one really cares. I hear the excuses and see the indifference every day. ¬ Where will your cup end up? Where does your bleach end up? Which ocean will your […]

Today we’re speaking about Genuine Feminine well Being. From the inside out. Because that’s how it works. Here’s what I see: most women today are in struggle-town doing the bare minimum of self care. Why? Because we live in a society that runs counter to us. Here’s a sure-fire fact – Women have been kept firmly […]

Today’s blog is all about the ultimate Love Language of them all – EQ. We all need it but most do not have it. The set ups and get ups are wide and varied but the culprit is patriarchy. Facts are facts. When the paradigm on Earth has waged unremitting war on the Feminine in […]

Today’s blog is going to take you on a journey. It’s going to weave back and forth into the origins of anxiety and depression and what you can do to offload it.  Women’s feelings of unworthiness and insecurity, even aberrations such as masochism and depression, originate from patriarchy. It’s time to run for the hills […]

Today’s blog is all about unveiling the truth about Pluto – our Birthing + Mothering Power Function. Of course in a paradigm hell bent on diminishing the Feminine they naturally diminish everything else that goes with it. Well I was born to restore our ancient Matriarchal Knowledge back into mainstream. I am a Wise Woman […]









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