What Came Before?

June 4, 2023

Today’s blog is dedicated to Matriarchy. A foreign concept to modern man and one seldom spoken about. The scholars and archaeologists are fluent in his-story, completely ignorant of the larger cycles at work. They still attribute the incredible structures and ruins of Matriarchy to aliens, if mentioned at all. And yet it’s our Whole Feminine Culture! And it’s jam packed with Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an ‘other worldly’ sense that there was so much more to life than this. I knew I didn’t belong here. I could see the society we lived in was ignorant, ridiculous and off kilter. Empty. Shallow. Corrupt. Seedy. Because the males around me were these things. I could see them for what they were. It was the hedonistic ’70’s. I would witness them in action. The porn, the wife swapping parties, the wife beating, the sex offenders. And question how the fuck we got here. For the rest of my life. And what I found was incredible. It restored my faith. It was the Soul-tonic I needed. I discovered what came before – Matriarchy.

Matriarchy – the remains of which are dotted all over the Earth. From the Naledi to Gunung Padang pyramid to Machu Picchu, all the way to Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, the evidence is plain to see. Ruins, remains, temples and stones, all aligned with Astrocartography, the Unified Web of Life, the Wandering Stars (planets) and the Cosmos. Truth is, many incredible ancient civilizations have walked this Earth. No-one here knows the truth of it all. But after 30+ years re-search, what is glaringly evident is the bullshit story history has you believing.

Fact is: humans have forgotten because Matriarchy was violently wiped out.

Three decades and a few lifetimes later, I have the absolute pleasure to share it with you, my Sistars around the World. It’s way too broad to cover here of course and one I cover in my Woman-lore Programs, but I know it’s the gaping hole in reality, the missing piece we all need, on every level. Because I found what they don’t tell you. It’s my passion and purpose to bring the missing pieces back into mainstream. For Consciousness. We cannot continue as we are. On a collision course with the Planet just for starters.


to the return of Our stunning, rich Matrilineal Heritage – Our Matriarchal Legacy – that has been violently wiped out and oppressed over the last 2+ millennia.

Have you ever wondered about Stonehenge and other circular standing stones around the world? Everything is Cyclic. Now you do.

→ Mathesis means Mother Knowledge, living in accordance with the Lunar Round.

Have you noticed google has obliterated the word ‘which’ and replaced it with ‘what’, completely grammatically incorrect. Now you do. Subtle cropping and conditioning.

Have you ever wondered why buildings in the middle east have the Crescent moon on their buildings? ‘Wearing the Cresent’ was visible worship of the Goddess. Now you do.

‘Witch’ means ‘Wise Woman’ in ancient latin.

Our Witch Crafts are our oldest Professions and all things Feminine in accordance with Mother Nature and the Starwheel. Calendar Consciousness began with Women completely insync with that big silver ball in the sky and her Cycles – the Lunar Round. She’s the Governess of Timing Cycles here on Earth from the receptacle of Moon-blood + Birth (womb) to the Oceans and back. The Tides of Life and Death. Women noted these cycles on cave walls to begin with, the very first Astrologers and Mathematicians – our Oldest Professions. Knowledge that was passed from Mother to Daughter throughout the Ages, into our Great Schools and Libraries.

Have you ever wondered why Women were persecuted en masse? And the surviving children left Motherless, vulnerable, abused and destitute? Now you do.

Have you ever wondered the origins of prostitution? Now you do.

Ever wondered why breast feeding was banned but topless waitresses & strippers legal? Now you do.

→ We have 13 Moons and Months. Represented by the High Priestess teaching her 6 female and 6 male students in balance, in accordance with the Lunar Round = 13. Oct means 8 and Dec means 10. How then is October the tenth month and December the twelfth month? And where has the thirteenth disappeared to?

Reverse the word live | evil. Reverse the word lived | devil. Who tore down the Tree of Life and replaced it with a dead man on a cross? His-story.

01. Effects of Oppression

It’s not rocket science. The effects of oppression are hideous, wide ranging, far reaching. Mentally, physically, emotionally. It’s cruel control, conditioning, hardship, heartache, distress, dysfunction and dis-ease. Labs, pills and dollars are not the answer sweetheart, never have been.

The only peeps busy pulling all things apart are those who fail to see how all things fit together.

Annihilation of the Universal Feminine Principle fucks everything up on every level: mindset, language, gender, body image, birthing, mothering, health, mythology, and how we live on the planet. And they’re still rolling out modern slavery and anti-Feminine tactics in their last ditch attempt! Sheer fucking ignorance! But the fantastic thing is, their time is at an end. It’s transition time. End of his-story. It’s Revolution time. And time to restore the Feminine to her rightful place. Our health and humanity depends on it. And it’s my pleasure to show you how.

Fact – our Wisdom, Knowledge + Crafts that patriarchy wanted to obliterate at all costs, the things we’ve been persecuted for, were our Gifts!

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift’. ¬ Albert Einstein

Have you ever wondered why women were classed as ‘hysterical’ and ‘lunatics’? After the hellish terror of the Witch mania anyone in their right mind would be hysterical, riddled with fear and ptsd on steroids. And the Wise ones with the Gift of Second Sight were placed in hideous asylums to exist in squalor, abuse, atrocities and experiments. Yes, the male order has stooped to every sinister low to wipe out our incredible Feminine Culture, in their quest for control and greed.

They’ve wounded themselves in the process, the fools. There’s plenty of patriarchy to unlearn.

02. Up and Out

Not one peanut on the face of the Earth can beat the larger cycles at work. Astrology. The Starwheel – Our evolutionary process here on Earth School. It’s time for celebration Ladies. It’s time to rise up and out of this lopsided patriarchal bullshit. Yay!

But first, there’s work to be done. There’s major unlearning and relearning to do. To undo the patriarchal reversals. And it’s easier than you think. Once your awareness shifts, you’ll see it everywhere. You’ll never view life the same way again.

03. The Woman’s Domain

All Things Genuine Feminine and Womanhood. As old as the hills and as pure as the driven snow. Mindset. Language. Birthing. Mothering. Mythology. Symbols. Why? Because they’re the fundamental Tenets to our Feminine Psyche and our Health!

As Women, the Feminine Principle on Earth, we NEED multi-layered, multi-level Enrichment for our optimal health. The current male system, devoid of the Feminine Principle, runs counter to us with it’s depart-mentalised short-sightedness. It’s so last century Sistar, leave it there.

I created MA for you. As a Tribute to the Feminine. The Goldmine for Savvy Women. It’s my pleasure and my Destiny to return Woman-lore back into the world. It’s ancient Knowledge for modern Women. An Essential Healing Act for Women. Our health and humanity depends on it.

the Book List:

  • Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock
  • Underworld by Graham Hancock

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