How to Be Your Own Empress.

May 26, 2023

Today’s blog is for every little girl in the World. Dedicated to you because you are tomorrow’s Women. And we need you now more than ever.

This blog is dedicated to every single one of you no matter where you live or what you look like. This is especially written for those of you with no shoes. For you in foster homes. For you on the streets with grubby faces. This is for you with a hungry tummy. This is for you in war torn countries. This is for you in the village. This is for you who cannot spell. This is for you sitting on the street corner, filling pen lids with dirt. This is for you begging the fat man in his car for a coin being shooed away. This is for you who sits with your Mother on the street at 10pm, homeless, hungry and cold. This is for you in a broken, dysfunctional, scary home. This is for you home alone at night whilst your mother does anything and everything she can for the dollar. This is for you, the broken wing types, the broke and broken. This is for every single one of you, from my heart to yours. Yes, I see you. I’ve seen you. I’ve been you.

‘Little Girls with Big Dreams grow into Women with Vision’

I want you to know that you are far more important than you realise. You are our future. Because you know things deep down inside that spoiled brats don’t. You have bravery and tenacity and resourcefulness and insight from every gamut of emotions and survival tactics that cannot be taught in books. You have the eyes to see what most do not.

‘When you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life’ ¬ Samuel Johnson. Read the ‘Cries of London’ for a glimpse into a pained, oppressive, and impoverished city riddled with misery, squalor, slavery, poverty, dis-ease, malnutrition, abuse, peadophilia, prostitution, molly houses, asylums and the revolting, fat aristocrats riddled with syphilis.

Now I love and adore London and called her home for nearly a decade. I know the different layers of this wonderful historical city. But go back only 150yrs ago to very tough times. And that was norm the world over. Generation after generation. Do you think we need needles and pills? Think. About. It.

Kids in comfort zones don’t know what you/we know. So I want you to know that you, yes you, are the true Teachers and Mentors of the next Era. The next 30 years of Revolution resides within you. And I’m going to show you how.

01. Soul substance trumps superficial, always

To be continued

My gift to You









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