Who Sees the Interiors?

April 29, 2023

Psst. Hey you. Who are you? Yeah you. Who are you? I mean who are you really? No, not what you do to earn a dollar. No, not the shit you post on fakebook. I want to know who you are deep down inside. And what the f*ck you stand for? So I’ll go first.

Who AM I? I’m a Visionary. I’m a liberated woman. I’m a deep old soulful Soul. I’m loyal. I’m fucking honest to a default. I’ve spent my life recovering from my childhood and rising up out of adversity. I’m passionate about all things personal development and genuinely spiritual, from the stars to the trees. Mother Nature fascinates me. I have an unlimited well of inspiration and compassion. I’m so friggin huge on the inside I asked my Dad how the hell I fit into my little body when I was 5yrs old. Because I could see the interiors. Mine and yours. I stand for Justice. I don’t suffer fools or fuck ups. And my dream, my ultimate soul-gig, is to heal the global Feminine and restore our Great Temples and Libraries again. Yeah girlfriend, my Soul lives in Rivendell. I do substance over superficial every moment of every day, every week, forever. I know the Natural World and the Starwheel connection like the back of my hand. I’ve known and worked towards my Destiny every day since I was a little girl.

Let’s go back to that day when I was five. I did ask my father: ‘daddy, how do I fit in here’. My little hands pressed against my chest looking down at my chicken legs and small, bare, grubby feet. He couldn’t give me the answer and dismissed me with ‘I don’t know’. Now I pondered that everyday for ages. The time frame I don’t know, nor is it relevant, because I know that age five, I worked it out. My lightbulb moment came looking at the stars one night. I knew my Soul went to the stars and back. I knew I was above and beyond my small physical body. And hey presto, my life-long questing began. Yep, little girls with big dreams grow into Women with Vision. And yes, I’m a loud and proud 30,000ft big picture type. I’ve lived many, many lives. And I love this thing called Life.

So, no I don’t resonate with pseudo-spiritual or big words such as neuroplasticity because I can see through all that and I have a hefty dose of NATURE and down to Earth Soul Knowledge. Soul food. From the Animals. From the mountains. From sacred geometry. From Earth Mothers. From deep in my Soul. From a Knowing Place. An ancient place. A Pagan place. A Tribal place. From viewing Life from the Natural World and the Starwheel. Intelligence! Far above and beyond this current information age. And my dream is to bring that back into commonplace again. Because I see you need it. I see your children need it. Because I see you’re all heading in the wrong direction. I see you’re disconnected from it. And I can see how detrimental that is for you. For all of us. I know part of my journey has been finding the words so I can share this with you. What a wonderful journey that has been. And here I am, full circle, ready to inspire your ass off! So be gentle with me with my ‘online L plates’ on. Because this is ancient Knowledge for modern Women. It’s as old as the hills. But we’ve forgotten it. And I know on a soul level, I put my hand up to bring it back. For you bright eyes. I know it’s Multi-level Enrichment. I know it’s Beliefs + biochemistry everyday of the week. I’m living, breathing proof. So I’m going to learn how to encourage you and bring out the best in you and help you settle back into your Natural, genuine, Feminine state. This is a Tribute to the Feminine, who has been persecuted and wounded for the last 2+ millennia, which has damaged humanity beyond belief.

I’ll Teach you How to See Nature again

And stop bumbling through the bush, blind as a friggin bat! Yep, you all have a the stickers and mantras and pretty posts about getting back to Nature with no fucking clue. Because our Matriarchal Knowledge was wiped out with patriarchy. You see, genuine personal development is both internal and external. But not the stuff you’re all regurgitating. That’s empty. That’s dollars and paychecks and policy and play nice and play small. It’s all token. It’s missing vital pieces.

Fact: you’ll never heal your Life properly or completely in this modern age nor via the internet. Because this stuff ain’t taught anymore. And no-one has gone back far enough.

Fact: the education system aka the operant conditioning system, has been stifling hearts, minds and souls for centuries. It’s archaic. Pointless. Full of disengaged kids with dumbed down curriculum to the point of ridiculous. It’s all numbers and dollars for the wage donkey existence. It’s so last century Sistar, leave it there.

Fact: get off the ipad and grow a fucking garden. You’ll all swap veggies and eat for free. Wakey wakey.


The quality of someone’s character and the level of their ability.


Inner fortitude, ingrained capacity for meeting strain, challenge or difficulty with a quality of noble temperament and morale when opposed or threatened.


Who are you?


The barometer of the Soul.


Natural, internal and inherent.


Above and beyond academia.

Grading system

Ass about face.

01. Are You in Your Beautiful Right Mind?

Higher Mind. Centre brain. Superior faculties. Astounding gateway to Soul, Intuition and the Divine. Elevated principles. EQ.

In creation – to be continued

My Gift to You









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