Unsustainable Sustainability – Actions vs Words

April 17, 2023

How can we possibly be sustainable with every bright, shiny, gadgety, thing, under the sun?

Fact: we’re having an obscene impact on our environment. And no-one really cares. I hear the excuses and see the indifference every day.

¬ Where will your cup end up? Where does your bleach end up? Which ocean will your coke bottle end up in? Where will your cigarette butt end up? Which mountain range? The Himalayas? Or closer to home?

01. Do you know?

Your mobile phone requires Cassiterite in order to operate? Do you know where that comes from? The richest deposits are found in Congo. It’s a tin oxide mineral, SnO2. It is generally opaque, but it is translucent in thin crystals. Its lustre and multiple crystal faces produce a desirable gem. Cassiterite was the chief tin ore throughout history and remains the most important source of tin today.

Cassiterite is most often found in the same general mining areas as coltan. Coltan was the most coveted ore in the Congo from 1998 – present. The most valuable cassiterite deposits in the Congo are found in Walikale Territory. They account for 70% of North Kivu’s cassiterite production. And we all know about the shameful lawlessness in Congo. Slaves. Rapes. Boy soldiers. Blood minerals. Peckerheads with machine guns. Defenseless women and children. Atrocities. aka Hell on Earth. Same, same but different.

Most folks in the west fail to realise they live at the expense of folks in the east. Most bureaucrats slide their fat asses into their bureaucratic chairs and sprout policy and semantics to everyone else, fully aware of the corruption, violence and slave trades going on to fund their unethical bank accounts.

So how the fuck can anyone on this Planet claim to be sustainable?

02. Have you heard?

The excuses.

  • climate change is a conspiracy
  • the Earth is just doing her warming thing – it’s a cycle
  • roll eyes at tree huggers, hippies and eco peeps
  • the more you focus on it the more you see, it’s not that bad
  • let’s just flick another cigarette butt out the window
  • this ‘thing’ doesn’t work – I’ll just buy another one
  • I want the next gen, of every bright shiny thing, every year
  • weed killers, teflon, C8’s, nuclear plants, plastic bags, are harmless
  • I recycle – I’m doing my bit; what can I do? I’m only one person
  • I do as I’m told, without question, everyday in my job, no matter what
  • ‘who gives a shit, I’m ok’ mentality, living my best life
  • turn a blind eye, it’s up to the government

It’s all falling on deaf ears and dumbasses doing the same shit on the daily.

All part of the problem

Materialism. Consumerism. Manifesting abundance. More money. More gadgets. More dickheads in cars and strip bars. More screen junkies. More dog eat dog. More kids on ipads eating 2 minute noodles, throwing fruit + rubbish on the ground. More policies. More brains in neutral. Idle minds. Self absorbed. Thin skinned. Halfwits. Disengaged. Dysfunctional. Disconnected. Dis-eased. Disrespectful. Pill popping. Dumbed down. Am I bugging you? Good.

03. You’ve forgotten

You’ve forgotten your place. Yes, you’ve all forgotten your place. And your senses. Read that again. You need to tear down the ‘pedigree of man’ bullshit and throw it in the bin. Because you have well and truly forgotten your Senses, Standards and your Place, on our Mothership.

You’ve forgotten to hunt for your dinner. You’ve forgotten everything is alive, to tune in, and to say thank you. You’ve forgotten to stop your ‘man interrupt Wild and Natural Cycles’ bullshit. You’ve forgotten your manners and Respect. You’ve forgotten how insignificant you truly are in the Grand Scheme of things.

You’ve forgotten everything is cyclic. You’ve forgotten Whales, our Record Keepers, guard the top spot. You’ve forgotten Mother Earth does not need our management. You’ve forgotten many, many things.

04. How far is too far?

Mass production. Cruelty. Extinction. Deforestation. Mining. Pollution. Wet markets. Dog meat. Big Pharma. Sickness Industry. 6 minute medicine. Fake Industry. Chemicals. Biotech. Social media. Politics. Military. Academia. Nuclear. AI.

I don’t give a fuck who you are. I don’t give a fuck about your degrees or the car you drive. I don’t give a fuck about your self righteous indignation, your race or your creed. I know for a fact we’ve gone too far. This morally bankrupt paradigm with its web of revolting operant conditioning systems has gone too far. I know for a fact we cannot continue as we are. I know for a fact it’s Time to re-learn and about face.

How soon before Mother Earth says enough is enough and shakes off the fleas?

05. What’s your Argument?

There is no argument. It is what it is. We’re having an obscene impact on the planet. The end. So quit it. Quit your debates and policies. Quit your bullshit. Same problem. Same incompetence. No solution. Carbon tax is farcical. So is cow fart suppressant. Recycling cannot keep up with the rate of production.

Society is depart-mentalised and ass about face. All the different factions are arguing their point. Science. Hunters. Vegans. Yulin deplorable dog meat/fur industry. All the different nations are arguing and warring. Fingers on buttons with madmen at the helm. All in a race to mine and pollute outer space. Genocide, taliban and war crimes rife with a Grand Mockery of Justice to boot. Just shut the fuck up and stop wasting precious time. Because you’re all wrong. And you’ve all forgotten. You’ve forgotten you impact all of us – All Creatures, great and small. And our children. And their future. Without permission.

You’re missing the point

The answer is plain and simple. Stop! The answers are hidden in plain sight. Humans need to re-learn and eventually re-unite. Don’t kid yourselves. We’re not one big human family. Far from it. Disconnected from each other, the Planet, Timing Cycles and Wisdom. Disparity. The haves and have nots. The ignorant, the half cocked, the fringe dwellers, the fuck ups, the fanatics, the good and the evil. There’s nothing worse than a village idiot with attitude. There’s nothing worse than a village idiot with a gun.

This is not our way forward. Irrespective of our uniqueness, we all depend on our Mothership – pristine.

Deprogram + Recover. Re-learn. Turn around Bright eyes. It’s up to us who have the eyes to see to lead and pave the way. Up and out of this quagmire. Fully wide awake with Earth + Soul Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles. That’s what consciousness is! It’s Time to re-teach and refill the gaping hole in Reality. It’s Time to shift + uplift the psyche + society. Only then will we walk in Balance + Beauty once again.

”We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them” ¬ Albert Einstein. This is not the human condition, simply conditioned humans in patriarchy. What a mess. All regurgitating male theories of old.

Pro tip:

  • You’re not really tired of Life. You’re tired of this society. Life itself and the World we live on is truly spectacular.
  • The definition of politics: poly is latin for ‘many’ and tics are blood sucking parasites
  • Our Souls and Lives are not valued by the dollar or your fakebook page
  • Until you’ve learnt the vital lesson to co-exist here on Earth in Peace, you DO NOT have the right to fuck up any other dimension!
  • shitting in your nest (food + water supply) then trotting off to the doctor for your ill-pills is insanity
  • Don’t whinge when natural catastrophe comes knocking in your dirty neck of the woods

Q. What’s the difference between a Uni student and a shopping trolley? A. The shopping trolley has a mind of its own.

The only people busy pulling everything apart are the people who fail to see how All Things Fit Together. It’s called the Unified Web of Life: the Natural World and the Starwheel. Get out of the labs and back into the garden. Because the 5 sensory eyes don’t see what we see. Us multi-sensory peeps understand the Interconnectedness of it All. We see that Animal Medicine is connected to Health + Numbers which are connected to Music, Frequency + Harmonics which are connected to the birds + the Wandering Stars, Sacred geometry, Octaves and the Starwheel and back down to the measurements of the Grand foyer in the Great Pyramid, the Musical note A, the √5 and the speed of Light, just for starters. Phenomenal!

We don’t have a Planet B. Wakey wakey.

¬ Civilisation is measured by how you treat Women, Children, all Creatures and the World around you. You’ve failed class miserably. The polar opposite of experts.

¬ A Matriarchal Mindset is your #1 Success Tactic. Every day of the week. On every level. Welcome home Bright Sparks. It’s Time. Time to make Earth Knowledge+ mainstream again. Imagine what we’ll achieve then!

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