Fibs you’ve been told about Feminine Health

April 14, 2023

Today we’re speaking about Genuine Feminine well Being. From the inside out. Because that’s how it works.

Here’s what I see: most women today are in struggle-town doing the bare minimum of self care. Why? Because we live in a society that runs counter to us. Here’s a sure-fire fact – Women have been kept firmly in place, playing small with the gag order due to the impact of Oppression and the after effects of it, suppression and conditioning, generation after generation.

→ Fact – the ‘thing’ people want you to quell, the thing they tell you to be less of, the thing they shun and criticise you for, the things we’ve been persecuted for, is Your Gift!

When this parasitic system keeps you time poor, in the grind for over priced food and shelter (our bare necessities), genuine self care goes out the window. Read that again.

Burnout is the order of the day. Because what you do for the dollar is not who you are. Your ‘role’ does not define you. You’re wasting your time, your whole life, your vitality and life force. Burnout is different from anxiety. It’s a feeling of profound depletion. A sense of never-ending discontent with no meaning or purpose in your life. Its a massive big red sign of misalignment. This is modern day slavery, trading your life for the minimum wage, away from our children, to over pay for our basic necessities of food and shelter, is bullshit.

Secondly, everything is external. And it’s getting worse. The fake/beauty industry, the bling industry, the social media industry, the ‘health’ industry and the multi-trillion dollar sickness industry have you all barking up the wrong tree. Soul substance has been traded for superficial. Just because they’re glorified, doesn’t mean they’re qualified.

Here’s the thing, the more bright shiny shit you want creates more slave labour, more shifts and shit jobs, more manufacture of plastic, more deforestation and pollution, contributing to landfill, more hustle, more merry-go-round of connected to gadgets, disconnected from each other and the Planet with brains and Souls in neutral.

It’s really tragic to see the single mother rolling around drunk at 3am taking selfies with filters posting on tinder, desperately chasing the fling whilst simultaneously living in the baby daddy house extorting money out of him. Mass, common dysfunction has become the ‘norm’.

It’s really tragic to see teenage girls with poor hygiene standing in the school toilet eating, bitching, doing cancel culture with fake lashes and no clue about the real world. Our next gen mothers. It’s even worse to see the state of teenage boys toilets who cannot flush, vaping and spitting everywhere. Our next gen fathers. They’ve only just stopped pissing the bed, with poor penmanship, no clue, imbalanced, no initiative or work ethic who cannot tell the time. WTF!

We’ve sadly rolled out the next gen of dumbed down and superficial. The phrase to put “lipstick on a pig” means making superficial or cosmetic changes to a person or product in a futile effort to disguise its fundamental flaws and failings. Here’s a tip girls – your fake eyelashes and trout pouts look ridiculous. And they’re a massive indicator you don’t love the skin you’re in! Let alone the sheep mentality. And our poor kids are stuck in the mix.

Pro tip:

health, beauty, vitality and success is an internal achievement first and foremost. Read that again.

01. You can have it all

Except you can’t. There’s not enough hours in the day to have and do it all. I don’t know a single woman who is doing genuine self care on every level. From rich to poor. Spending hours on your appearance/mask is not self care. Fake tits, lashes and nails is not self care. Drinking a green smoothie every day is not self care. Having a facial or spa does not heal you inside. Poor diet with ‘inner health plus’ in the handbag is not self care. Ignoring body aches and pains is anti self care. Eating laksa soup all week with sneaky KFC is not self care. Starving yourself on some calorie counting fad is not self care. Hating the skin you’re in is not self care. Dressing up like a ‘Molly’ (drag-male) is not self care. Parading around naked is not self care. Selling yourself is not self care. Pill popping is not self care. Being a workaholic or alcoholic is not self care. Living with anxiety and depression is not self care.

We live in a very sick society, normalizing the abnormal, with a fake sugar shiny coating that makes you all believe you’re living your best life. Bullshit! 

  • young women are misguided and obsessed with fake and all sorts of bullshit 
  • mothers take care of everyone else at their own expense
  • working mums are busy, harried, time poor, tired and unmotivated
  • women are busy hiding behind the ‘happy’ fake positive mask 
  • women are policy bound, pc (gag order) and anti-ageing
  • unconscious imperfect mothering is the norm

Women these days spend more time and money on fake and social media than they do taking genuine care of themselves and their children. Taking your illiterate 7 year old down the beach with a mochaccino for fakebook photos is fucked up.

The fake industry

is a major contributor to hating & hiding the skin you’re in, altered image, pollution and climate change.

02.  Granny had it so will I

Heads up ladies, this is the biggest, fear mongering lie of them all. My mother was a post war baby. My grandmother lived through world war II. My great GrandMother lived through world war I and the great depression. My father was a war baby and grew up in neglected boys homes in England. I survived childhood abuse and a bomb blast in London. Do you see a pattern? Which events have had a detrimental impact on the physical, emotional and mental health of my immediate family members? Yours? Around the globe? Everyone has been impacted. Has nothing to do with genetics. 

Many years after my bomb blast experience in London, I lost the high frequency hearing, obviously due to the after effects of audio shock. My audiologist began asking the usual questions: anyone in your family had deafness? So I answered with the above. My family members lived in war time with bomb blasts. This ain’t genetic love. And that goes for most syndromes and dis-ease under the sun. It all stems from way, way back then.

Cast your mind back a minute. Go back 150 years ago. Now go back 1 thousand years ago. And 2 millennia. Each and every one of us here today is related to a woman who was raped, tortured, butchered and burnt at the stake. Yep, our ancestors, our foreMothers, were persecuted in the Witch mania. Stay with me. Now cast your mind back to the hell, horror and hardship our foremothers have lived in since, over the past generations. The male cruelty and control on every level. Their dictates on our lives, contraception, birthing, mothering, language and mindset. The slavery and impoverishment. The hardship and heartache. The nunneries, asylums and orphanages. The lies, secrets, rackets and protection behaviour’s learned in childhood. Yes we are the offspring of the child survivors of the hellish Witch mania. This is the deep rooted psychological and psychosocial causation of Women’s ill-health.

This is not the human condition, simply conditioned humans in patriarchy. Read that again.

03. the ‘Cinderella Syndrome’ 

Genuine Feminine Worth and Honour has been obliterated in his-story. Facts are facts. And the damage is plain to see. What a mess. This is not not our Natural State of Affairs Ladies. There’s a gaping hole in reality.

The global Feminine Psyche and society is wounded. Damaged goods attract damaged goods. Society is well and truly ass about face. Our Temples, our Libraries, our Wise Women, our Clans, Culture and Traditions, our Noble Women – Queens, Empresses and High Priestesses, were desecrated and destroyed.

The child survivors of the Witch mania were abused and terrified, in the trauma, ptsd, grief cycle on steroids, forced into child marriage, violence, genital cutting, with no rights, who grew into motherless mothers and women divided and conquered. Bitches with the ‘Cinderella syndrome’ who gladly threw the natural beauties under the bus for their own chance at prince charming. The ‘royal’ women who were token Queens used for breeding purposes only had their own fickle, corrupt court to navigate to avoid beheading as fate. (males are not Queens or Mothers – then end). Facts are facts. Fast forward to today, have a look at why the Feminine Principle is in dire straits in all manner of dysfunction. And why you are not taking genuine care of yourself.

Worth and honour is an internal achievement first and foremost. Self esteem is external. The fake/beauty industry is external and cringe-worthy. Proverbs and mantras are a lovely left brain exercise and empty strategy pinned on your desk or pinterest. 

Genuine feminine worth and honour runs much deeper and requires multi-level enrichment. It’s Soul-ular, cellular and some. It also requires time out for genuine rejuvenation. This society keeps you all time poor, keeping on, regardless.

Genuine self care for Women requires a whole Mindset and paradigm shift. And that comes with teaching and guidance. Ancient Knowledge for modern women. Welcome to Woman-lore – Earth + Soul Knowledge. Transforming the way you view yourselves and the way we live on the Planet. It’s Time.

Self worth is internal, wise and free,

Self esteem is external, based on goals, grades and status, at all costs.

04. Work Life Balance

Another lie. I’m a working Mum and I know this is far from balance. Shoving our precious children into child care while we work is anti mothering. Like it or not, you are not meeting your child’s fundamental Circle of Needs whilst you’re here and they’re there. Imperfect mothering is not Earth mothering. You are not tuned in. You’re not present. They know it. They sense it. They feel it. They’re coping with it. They exhibit it. They’re too young to navigate shit behaviour from others, nor should they have too.


separation anxiety is separation anxiety! And it leads to anxiety disorders!

Stay with me. This is an ‘awareness for change’ gig, not a personal affront! This is how this patriarchal construct has us all stuck, in the grind for the dollar. Conditioned in the wage donkey existence at the expense of our health and our children. It’s either sacrifice the dollar and meet your child’s needs or sacrifice the child’s needs for the dollar. Hell you have tits, lashes, mani-pedi, wine, clothes, car, food, nanny and rent/mortgage to pay.

I see you there trying to manifest everything, live your passions, purpose, dreams and potential! Remember them? Squashed under tired, broken and broke. All work and soccer Mum and build the side hustle in between everything else. You got this! Bullshit. Mrs Juggling Act is dropping balls behind the scenes yo!

It truly is Remarkable

Here’s how it really works.

Soul + Mind + Body + Emotions + Senses = inter + intra connected = Wholeness.

We don’t have a Soul – we ARE a Soul. Each of us are a Soul having Earth Walks – our chosen life assignments and experiences here on planet Earth, each lifetime to evolve the Soul – by living every human experience possible and wake up. Our Soul has a purpose – evolution, both individually and collectively. Our Soul needs a vehicle – the Body, the barometer of the Soul. Our Soul needs a GPS – the Mind, thoughts, ideas, imagination + inspiration – the governance system of our biology + biochemistry. The extension of our brain is our whole nervous system. Our Soul needs barometers – Emotions and Senses, in order to navigate our personal and physical environment. Each part of us is intricately woven together, intra-connected and interrelated – wholeness. Very clever indeed. Instinct – the very first sense! Trust that intuition! It’s your FIRST Inner Sense. Innocence. And we haven’t even touched on organs yet, where emotions are stored in the body. Oh I do love Medical Astrology, above and beyond, and inter-connected.

‘For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the Soul from the body’ ¬ Plato

Five senses v Multi-sensory. Where are you on the spectrum? The unconscious peeps are governed by their 5 senses. Conscious = multi-sensory. Clairvoyance – is ancient Latin for Clear Vision. (Avoid the charlatans)

Discernment v judgement. Core Values are your essential Tenets in life – the principles and convictions you hold dear that guide your goals, behaviours and experiences in life. Karma – yep, if you’re an ass in one life, you’ll pay it back in this life + the next.

Evolution – our Earth walks polish the many facets of our diamond-soul, as our lessons + experiences evolve the Soul,

We cannot learn it all in one lifetime! The human experience – is phenomenal! The ‘who + what’ you bring into your life to play out your journey. And contrary to popular, unconscious belief, every Soul comes with a road map – a Natal chart.

It’s essential to know it. Because once you gain awareness of yourself and your chosen life assignment, you’ll have Introspection – inner-sight, awareness, understanding + acceptance, and be able to make changes.

Perspective – is the Soul’s lens on life that (optimally) changes daily. It’s the difference between conscious, brinker + unconscious mindsets. The difference of opinion and awareness is simply a Knowledge + Soul gap. Archetypes and personality types. Old souls and newbies. And the magic of Introspection.

Age – Earth years + Soul years. How young or old are you really? Age makes a difference alright. Life experience + past lives. Metaphysics – micro + macro. Human + Universal. Individual + Collective. The Unified Web of Life – and our place within it. What we do here impacts us all. Time to about face and pay attention!

Mother Earth does not need our management. She needs us to truly re-connect, wake up and pay attention. No-one owns land except Mother Earth Herself. And contrary to popular, unconscious belief, we are not at the top of the evolutionary scale. Our Record Keepers guard the top spot: the Whales. The unified Web of Life is cyclic – NOT hierarchical. This Knowledge as old as the hills.

Multi-sensory minds v’s 5 sensory minds. The scientific, 5 sensory mind, is busy pulling everything apart because it fails to see how everything fits together. Get out of the lab, and the office, church and ward, and out into the garden!

→ THE BENEFITS: Multi-layered personal development on every level. Shifting unconscious, dysfunctional, dis-ease behaviours into conscious, functional, dis-ease free behaviours – within one’s capacity for change and growth. Self awareness + acceptance → Healthy lives and relationships → Understanding personality types + your own → Tweak your M.O – patterns, strengths and weaknesses → Physical health, Mental clarity, Emotional + energetic balance. There’s no chemical remedy for a spiritual problem. Improved relating styles and relationships → practical tools with tangible results ‘Aha’ moments → activate your innate gifts, talents and potential → woohoo! Now you’re truly living your best life! You have more genuine super powers than you know. Money and fake ain’t it girlfriend.


→ Mathesis is Mother Knowledge in accordance with the Lunar Round. Masonic is Mother sound + Mother tongue. Uterine and Intonation. Communication is above + beyond the male version you’re taught. And Mothering is not about perfect. Conscious Mothers get it right. You’d all benefit greatly to learn from and aspire to that! Imagine what Wise, healthy, rejuvenated Mum’s and children can achieve then! Irrespective of our Uniqueness, our Circle of Needs is the same the world over.

→ Want to know your unique imprint? Curious to know where your innate gifts, talents, and fortunes lie? Have an Astrology session and have your Natal Chart read. It’s your Universal Soul Blueprint. Above and beyond the made up ‘quizzes and personality types’ based on systems that categorize people based on their traits, tendencies, and other characteristics. Because there’s only one of you in the whole world! You’ll learn about you! From your health to your wealth, lessons and Destiny and all the work/things that light you up! It’s ancient Knowledge for modern Women. Here’s a tip: ‘millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do’! ¬ JP Morgan

→ Fairy tales. Have you ever wondered why the children are all Motherless and the women are sleeping beauties? Now you do. Just one more level of operant conditioning. #Unlearning

→ The ancient definition of ‘Faerie’ means the ‘Woman of the Woods’ – fluent in Herb-lore, Local and Seasonal nourishing food and Medicinal plants. Just one of our many Witch-crafts.

→ Do you know that ‘minecraft’ the game, means ‘my power’ in Deutsche? And naval mines in the second world war. Now you do. They wiped out our incredible Wise-women, our Witches, and their Crafts – Wisdom, Knowledge and Power – and burnt them at the stake. The diluted remnants of which we have floating around today.

We’re truly capable of so much more

On every level. But is this really our way forward? Humans have forgotten. Women have forgotten. And it’s evident the world over. Hearts, minds, dreams and souls are stifled and dumbed down to the point of ridiculous in this day and age. We live in information age with a severe lack of Knowledge. Hands up if you know there’s more to life.  Hands up if you know there’s a trillion more to your life. Hands up if you’re bored shitless in this society. Or made to feel like a failure if you don’t aspire to the desperate housewives with the ‘white picket fence’ path. Hands up if you’re sick to death of the fema-phobes and damaged goods parading around. Good, you’re in the right place. How many more people must go to their deathbed with regret after a life of all work and no play or family time? How many more women and children must suffer and die at the hands of males, violence, atrocities, genocide and war before the world wakes up? Deprogram, unlearn and recover. This is not how we’re meant to be living. There’s so much more! And it’s my soul-gig to show you how.

05. Cancer – the Mansion of Home and Mother

Have you ever wondered why cancer is rife? There’s a little his-story of a bigger mystery here and some psycho-cellular insight for Women to relearn. Too broad a Teaching for this blog and one I cover in my Woman-lore Coaching Program. Just for the record, I’ve studied Astrology for over 30yrs and it’s my go-to, because this Knowledge is above and beyond anything made up down here in man made systems or paradigms. I’m a 30,000ft big picture type and I trust the Larger Cycles at work. It’s all inter-connected from bird song to Planetary harmonics and I’m here to show you how. In the meantime, I’ll keep it simple sweetheart.

The Constellation of Cancer is the Mansion of ‘Home + Mother’. This is the place of Nurture, Nourishment, Nature, Sustenance and Substance. ‘Woman is the Soul of the Earth aligned with Nature (our Mothership) who brings forth Life. Woman is the Nurturing Principle here on Earth. So what happens to humanity when our whole Feminine Culture is annihilated? Mass dis-ease and dysfunction. Homelessness, poverty, cancer, eating dis-orders, mental, physical and sexual dis-ease and violence cycles, gender imbalance, burnout and boredom, anxiety and depression, just for starters. Labs and dollars are not the answer Ladies. Never have been. You need a whole Soul shift and reset! Deprogram and Recover with my Woman-lore Program. Turn around bright eyes. It’s Time. You’re all governed by the clock instead of Moon-time. The Moon is Governess of our Timing Cycles here on Earth, womb to ocean and everything in between. Get out of the ‘quick fixes’ and return to genuine rejuvenation.

Now go back and visualise the terror of the Witch mania again. The mass rape and pillage. That repulsive, ignorant, vile mindset. And then the oppression, brutality, and exploitation of the wounded children. The wounded psyche of girls and boys all of which have grown into damaged children in adult bodies. The incest and slavery. The prostitution. The poverty and malnutrition. The sleazy voyeurs parading women around naked in life, film and magazines who ban/shun breastfeeding in public. Fake tits and formula. Too many dickheads in cars and strip bars. Formula 1 worth billions whilst women and children starve around the world. Males earn millions kicking a football whilst battered women sit in underfunded refuges. Males telling us how to birth and mother for 2 millennia: the dickheads + doormats, unconscious parenting syndrome: from rednecks, to the ‘Jim & Kim’ nice but dim couple, right through to the serial killer couple. With bio-labs, and males who bypass the Mother, with disastrous consequences. The sheer audacity of it! Males are not Mothers. The end.

There’s a gaping hole in reality. There’s major unlearning to do. Matriarchy is a foreign concept to modern man. The scholars are fluent in patriarchy. Throw the books away. It’s so last century Sistar, leave it there. This is not our never ending plight Ladies. It’s time to Deprogram and Recover. Time to re-learn our true, rich Matrilineal Heritage. Our health and humanity depends on it.

The survival and well-being

of the next 7 generations, depends on every thought and action we take now ¬ the Good Red Road.

Right now, they’re in jeopardy. Yes it takes a village to raise a child – a Matriarchal, Mammalian Clan! It’s Time to restore the Feminine to Her Rightful place with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles that go with it. Turn around bright eyes. It’s time to about face. Let the clueless and undesirables continue this way. But the rest of us need to head in the other direction. It’s vital to keep yourself and your children safe, strong, savvy and healthy for future generations. Children of the Earth do not need training, their parents do. Earth + Soul Knowledge. How cool would it be to have children know their own personality types + talents again! Imagine if we all got our heads together and manifested Peace just for starters? And then attended Earth + Soul Knowledge School again? That’s my dream! MA is the place, the sacred Woman’s Domain, for those of you with the eyes to see what most do not, for those of you who need a wholesome, wise point of reference, to pave a better way. Imagine what we’ll achieve then!

the Book List:

There are a few books that I believe all wise women must have on their bookshelves. The top 5 I recommend to begin with are 1. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon 2. the Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil and 3. Astrology and the Authentic Self by Demetra George. 4. Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams. 5. Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams. Please read the last 2 to your children for some gorgeous Teachings and begin to relearn. And then dive into the others below. (oh there are sooo many more but I’ll add them as I remember xo)

  • Professional Troublemaker by L A Jones
  • Dare to Lead by Brené Brown
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott.
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

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