with Amanda J Taylor

Woman-lore Program

Rocketeer your mindset and release the fears, traumas and limitations holding you back. 

To breakthrough feeling:

Find yourself over-giving + over-doing, feeling deflated + depleted by the myriad of demands upon you

Are you ready? 

Stuck at the same mental/emotional plateau you’ve been in for years no matter how much development you've done 

Want to Quit playing small and nice with the gag order

Unsure of how to learn more without having to work harder in more sessions/courses

Frustrated because you want to grow but you’re unsure of the next step

Burnt out and exhausted and chronically spinning your wheels

Resentful that you’re underachieving and not living the way you deserve

Your life + bank account still doesn’t represent all the work you put in every day

Self-doubting that you’re enough to make your dreams a reality

Fed up with the shame, blame, guilt, suppressed anger and triggers cycle

Deeply disturbed by the state of our world, yet feel powerless to do anything about it.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Hands up if you’re over anxiety, depression, inadequacy and every ‘fill-in-the-blank’ syndrome under the sun.

Hands up if you’ve been homeless and hungry.

You KNOW there’s more to life, right? You KNOW there’s a trillion more to YOUR life, right?

Good. You’re in the right place!

The solution is not trying to be or do more.

I can help you reprogram: uplevel your Beliefs, thoughts, feelings + Outcomes in life. 


You could have a one-stop Lady shop jam packed with everything you need, designed the feminine way.

Welcome to MA!

I created this feminine space from my heart to yours because I spent way too long recovering from my childhood and had to trek far and wide to find the Wisdom-gems I needed.

Like a dog with a bone, I found them. And after a 30+ year journey, traversing the highs + lows myself, I’ve created the perfect blend, so you can fast track your recovery, in style.

Wouldn't it be nice if:

Let’s look at how your mindset is holding you back…

 the big secret.

Simply unlearning.

My job is to help you Deprogram and Recover. Reboot your Psyche and health.

If I can share any secret behind my success, it’s unlearning and re-learning. Some strategies work in their
 own way. BUT - there's a bigger secret that brings it all together.

Transformation begins with your MINDSET. 

I coach you up and out of this patriarchal paradigm and the belief systems within it. The old school male way of thinking + doing things is disastrous for us. It's so last century Sistar, leave it there!

I have expertise in the Art of Change.

Deprogram, Recover + Empower. Let me show you how.

The old way of thinking is not only wrong and backward, it’s detrimental + dangerous. It leaves Women + children in harms way, on many levels.

I'm a feminine mindset mentor, coach and author for Women just like you.

Hi, I'm Amanda J. Taylor

(Because coaching + mentoring are different things)
I'm a Woman-lore specialist. Born to restore our whole Feminine Culture back into mainstream. Ready for the new Era of Oneness, Unity + Peace. It's Time.

I teach Women the myths and secrets buried under patriarchy that fill the gaping hole in reality. Vital for your feminine well-being. I'll show you how to shift + uplevel your mindset so you can turn your whole life around, stratosphere style!

Here at MA, Women unlearn patriarchy and regain their Wisdom and Worth. It's the Woman's place to restore your Honour, Health, Sanity and Sovereignty. Helping you step out of conditioning and limitations into confidence and well-being, Matriarchal Style.

Your Multi-level Enrichment experience begins here. (Hint - not more of the same stuff. It's Time for Change!)

If you’re reading these words right now, I want you to know that you CAN transform your well-being + relationships. 

No matter how many times you've tried before. No matter how many books you’ve read or courses you’ve taken. 

If you’re willing to:

Fully show up for yourself, dive deep, commit to change, offload conditioning + reactivate your Right Mind

Learn the missing pieces, take powerful self-response-ability as the conscious creatrix in your life 

Do the inner work to shift the old patterns, blocks + blind spots that have held you back

You will transform.

You’ll transform yourself, relationships + awareness into one that is empowering, inspiring and offers the opportunity for you to serve your community and loved ones with your unique gifts.

Woman-lore can be used in so many ways to support you in sharing UI, your talents and new-found knowledge more widely in the world at a time when it’s needed most!


Join Woman-lore Program 

"Another World is not only possible, She is on Her way. On a quiet day, I can hear Her breathing" ¬ A Roy

Upgrade your Mindset

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
¬ A Einstein


Unlearn old beliefs + behaviours. 
Reset your Mindset

• When you know better, you do better, you get better,
you want better, you attract better.
VIP your Life


Deprogram + Recover

... and the rest will follow.
Relearn our Matriarchal Heritage

Woman-lore - Earth + Soul Knowledge
The essential Tonic every Woman needs


Free Your Mind 

Heal the Feminine psyche + society

Transforming the way we view ourselves, our relationships + the way we live on Earth

Paving a better way - wiser, stronger, smarter


Multi-level Enrichment

Kind Words

from Clients

"She’s the feminine soul ninja! Amanda has an incredible knack of teaching women about their true, rich, matrilineal ancestry, offloading the shit and flying high. She knows how to fast track ladies through their stuff (fears, trauma + conditioning) and come out the other side savvy and genuinely empowered. Working with Amanda is a dynamic, transformative experience like nothing else out there. She makes certain you walk away with your diamond-soul polished and radiant, filled to the brim with 6 million-dollar self-worth, wisdom and honour, that will last you a lifetime, or two'"

- Samantha

"Sessions with Amanda has been a truly wonderful experience. She offers up her unique blend of expertise, knowledge and life experience, sharing her compassion and keen mind freely. Some sessions were deep and painful but Amanda managed to evolve them into fulfilling work with achievable solutions. She has the amazing ability to see above + beyond the impossible and evoke the diamonds within. After 9 months with Amanda, I'm ready to take on the World!" 

- Joy

'I have been on an amazing journey of discovery about me!! I have grown, have better insight and awareness about who I am. I have set up boundaries and I am now a better person. Amanda has been my life coach for 1 year and has provided me with the tools and techniques to handle various situations objectively and with ease. Thank you Amanda'

- Renee


Mindset – Clear the Way

Learn about the Matriarchal Ages and the Woman’s Domain

Enjoy some myth busting + re-learning of our true Matrilineal Heritage - reset your mindset + biochemistry

The truth about our incredible Feminine Crafts - step up into your Power functions - game changing life skills

Shift awareness - Universal Intelligence (UI), the Unified Web of Life + the Starwheel - you'll never view life the same way again.

What's included



Re-learn the Golden Thread throughout our global Mother tongue and revamp your self-talk

Learn the corner stones of language + the importance of lexicology (word power) wit and grammar

An exposé on the reversals of our words and their original meanings - and how they impact your psyche


Inner Success

Step into true adulthood + leave the ‘crutches’ behind

The truth about genuine Feminine Honour + Worth 

The origins of the hole in the soul + how to fix it

Tangible + practical therapeutic strategies to apply today

Deprogram. Recover. Design - your way forward.

Understand your infanthood + childhood - offload the disastrous, impactful origins + recalibrate

It’s your time to realise and claim your potential, no matter how many times you’ve tried before.

You want an honest-to-goodness, practical and straight-talking mentor, fluent in UI + Matriarchy.

You’re committed to growth + change, no matter how many books, courses + sessions you’ve had

You understand we live in patriarchy and are ready to undo conditioning

You’re willing to fully show up + take responsibility for your life

You’re willing to do the inner work to shift the old stories, blocks + blindspots that hold you back

Opening Soon

Woman-lore Program

No more running in circles or stuck in cycles

A step-by-step guide how to deprogram + achieve results.

Implement what you learn + Group coaching


F/B group membership for support

Ultimately, I’m going to help you achieve mutli-level enrichment so you can have the smarts + inner success that is every Woman’s Birthright.


Woman-lore Program

 → Belief, Wisdom + Self-confidence is a powerful thing!

→ An unstoppable Matriarchal Mindset is your #1 success tactic.


Looking for more?

Looking for more?

You'll find all the freebie wisdoms, tips + guides on my Blog + Social pages.

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You can find mini courses in the eschool link below.

Woman-lore Program opens once a year

What to look for in a mindset coach:

A coach in the epitome of good health + habits with no drama behind the scenes

A coach who is walking their talk and has built
a successful life + business

A well rounded life coach who's taken years
to qualify + apply this work.

A coach with honour + great responsibility to
work with Women on Soul level

Ongoing wisdom, support + inspiration to
keep you going, next level

Every moment is an opportunity to change your life