I See You There Sistar …

June 16, 2023

doing all the things in struggle town. And I have your back. Because your story is my story which is the global Feminine story. You know what you’re really struggling with? The impact and after effects of generational oppression. This male paradigm has been very busy gender cleansing and obliterating our whole Feminine Culture over the last 2 millennia. And nothing is going to help you until you deprogram & recover. It’s time to turn around bright eyes. I was born to heal the global wounded Feminine. Yep you. Yep, all of us. In every country and in every strata and in every tribe, profession and refuge and rubbish dump. I’m here to show you how. Because this is not how we’re supposed to be living. And this is most certainly not how Women operate. This is not our never ending plight.

01. You Need to Stop.

Stop flogging a dead horse. Quit putting in the fake ass shit that your fatigued brain cannot and will not assimilate, for good reason. It’s empty and pointless. Here’s the truth. You need to reset your Mindset, your whole Psyche, just for starters. And then we’ll begin with the rest of it. Not only is this patriarchal system and thinking wrong and backward, it’s downright dangerous and detri-mental. It’s anti Woman and anti-Mothering. But the great thing is, no peanut on the face of this Earth can beat the larger cycles at work. The pendulum is swinging Ladies. It’s new Era time. It’s Time to Restore the Feminine to Her rightful place, recover, and pave a better way. It’s time to re-learn the magnificent Wisdom, Knowledge and Principles of our foreMothers. You know, the Wise women they burnt as Witches. Get out of the 5 sensory lab mentality and back into Earth & Soul Knowledge. Restore our Mammalian Clans for genuine rest, rejuvenation and childcare, Matriarchal Style. A massive f*cking Reset. Yes it takes a Matriarchal Village to raise our children. But this ain’t it. Having a nanny means you ain’t mothering. Dropping your toddler to an institution ain’t mothering. (Their anxiety says it all!). Having a face plastered with make-up and fake lashes is time spent un-mothering. Trading your Soul and literally killing time, swapping labour for money in the survival job, is also anti-mothering. Hands up all of you around the globe who have to walk away from your children day and night for the minimum wage. Me too. It’s awful. It’s abnormal. On every level.

You’re forced into one of two camps: sacrifice the dollar and meet your child’s needs or sacrifice your child’s needs for the dollar (or the degree or substance or fill in the blank). Babies are born brilliant. They don’t need training! Toddlers are the Terrific Two’s, not terrible. (Yep, Earth Wise Mothering is another level of essential re-learning, covered in My Woman-lore Program). You’re all time poor in time stress and emotional stacking to the point of overwhelm and underwhelm in survival mode trying to ‘keep positive’ in the work-life balance farce. Wasting your time and life in jobs you hate. You’re all governed by the clock instead of Moon-time. You’re all in the debt/credit cycle with no Sovereignty. You’re stuck in the waiting place watching the idiot box waiting for ‘likes’ on social with no clue about which constellation or Moon phase we’re in. STOP! It’s all bullshit!

Doing the same shit over and over, expecting different results, is insanity.

You need Multi-level Enrichment

02. About face Darling

Academia and technology will NEVER supersede the human Mind or Soul. The End. You’re all connected to gadgets yet disconnected from Life, the planet and each other. Millions of you are lonely. Stop masquerading. Everyone lately has two faces: the social/filtered political one and the one you wear to bed. The exhausted one. The survival one. The self doubt one. The abused one. The poor one. The hungry one. The ‘I’m not good enough’ one. The ‘I’m juggling and crashing’ one. The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ one with every single struggle you ‘cope’ with and suppress in order to keep on keeping on, until breaking point. The fakebook face: living my best life with my real behind the scenes life in disaster zone!

Here’s the thing: you’re not meant to be stuck with a man, isolated, visiting mother’s groups, kicking the baby out of bed keeping him in it! Post natal depression and anxiety and every other fucking syndrome you suffer with, is a by-product of patriarchy. Cry-it-out is hideous and sinister. Separation anxiety is exactly that. Imperfect, malnourished, formula mothering is not Mothering! Your genuine Feminine self has been altered and wounded. And guess what? Nothing will change until you do. But you have to know how. There’s work to be done Sistar. There’s major unlearning and re-learning to do. So kick your shoes off, grab a cuppa and stay a while my Lady. Welcome back to the Woman’s Domain. Jam packed with Earth & Soul Knowledge as old as the hills and as pure as the driven snow. It’s nothing new under the sun. It was wiped out with the Witch mania and oppressed for 2+ millennia. The damage is plain to see. Yeah girlfriend, ‘the Truth will always out’ as they say. It’s all Interconnected, to the Moon and back.

03. It’s Time to Celebrate

His-story is done. Endex. On the way out for good! Watch them scramble and squeeze every last drop out of you. They have a vested interest in the maintenance and preservation of the status quo.

Here’s a little his-story of a bigger mystery – for those of you who don’t know. Don’t take offence – we don’t have time for it. There are millions of young unconscious souls walking around with mass dysfunction and dis-ease who need a wake up call and those in-between who need insight into the real underpinnings of it all with plenty of old souls fringe-dwelling or trying to do good things with little result. We don’t have time to pander down to the thin skinned, precious incompetent, policy bound ones, the depart-mental ones, the fear based limited mindsets, the dumbed down, the undesirables or the fuck ups.

Why? Because we’re on a collision course with the planet and humanity is in turmoil. Because they need us bright sparks to lead the way. They don’t know they don’t know. They fail to understand the larger cycles at work and collective lessons just for starters. And they’re stuck in the ‘old school’ stuff. It’s so last century Sistar, leave it there.

→ So, understand this: ‘his-story has waged unremitting war on the Feminine in their quest for control and greed’. Wholly. Souly. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. The scholars don’t teach this – they’re all fluent in patriarchy. The glossed over version they teach in school is utter bullshit. You need to see the big picture.

This is not the human condition, simply conditioned humans in patriarchy. Read that again.

The very paradigm that caused this cannot fix this.

  • Treating symptoms not causes is a futile, ineffective exercise.
  • The multi-trillion dollar sickness industry is not the health industry – #unlearning
  • The beauty/wellness industry is the fake/superficial industry
  • Solving problems with the same thinking that created them is futile.
  • No-one has gone back far enough to truly understand the ‘how and why’ we got here.
  • Labs and dollars are not the answer – never have been, never will be.

We live in significant times Ladies. Yes breathe a sigh of relief. It’s Transition time – out of one paradigm into the next. It’s always chaotic. A grand old mess has been made, a right pig’s ear, with a grand mockery of Justice to boot. Who put the blindfold on Lady Justice with Her All Seeing Eye’s? Hmm. Humanity is in turmoil. The global Feminine is wounded. And no amount of science or pills or policy or therapy or money or mantras gonna fix this. They’re just suppression tactics 101.

04. The Impact

The impact and effects of oppression are hideous, wide and far reaching. His-story have stooped to every sinister low imaginable to oppress the Feminine. Yes, the tribal and black lives in the mix too. It’s the global story. It’s his-story. It’s fucking criminal, atrocious and unacceptable. We cannot continue as we are. This is not our way forward.

→ As an astrologer, I can tell you the lesson of this last era, the last 2 millennia, is this – ‘what happens to humanity when the Feminine Principle + Culture is annihilated’? Have a look. On every level. Damage plain to see. This is the global story in his-story the world over. Anyone who dares utter the words ‘just get over it’ is ignorant. There’s a Collective grief cycle to heal. A global wounded Feminine to heal. A hole in reality to refill. Labs and dollars are not the answer.

Dis-ease and violence cycles. Abuse. Injustice. Experiments. Hardship and heartache. Poverty. Mental ill health. Depravity. Gender imbalance. Ignorance. Genocide. Grief. Dysfunction. Corruption. Need I say more? Nope.

05. Where to from Here?

It’s time to heal the global wounded Feminine. From the inside out. From your Psyche to begin with. And then the rest – Earth Knowledge + Soul Wisdom. How cool would it be to have our children know their personality types, archetypes, their innate gifts and talents, fluent in Earth Knowledge, Animal Medicine, Medical Astrology with Virtues as our currency again! It’s time to undo the patriarchal reversals in our Mindset, Language, Birthing, Mothering, Mythology & Symbols. It’s time to transform the way you view yourself, your relationships and the way you live on the Planet. It’s easier than you think.

It’s time to fill the gaping hole in reality. The hole in the Soul. The Soul of the Earth. The vital Nurturing Principle on the face of the Earth. You.

Woman is the Soul Aligned with Nature who brings forth Life. It’s Time Ladies. It’s time to restore our Feminine Culture, our ancient Knowledge, for modern women. Our health and humanity depends on it. xo

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