What Happens to Us when …

June 17, 2023

our whole Feminine Culture is wiped out? Humanity is impoverished, imbalanced, dysfunctional and Women are sick on every single level. Cultural & sexual misrepresentation ensues.


the state of being oppressed – the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally + physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, cruelty + restraints, dis-ease and violence cycles, war + genocide, anxiety + depression, chronic ptsd. Cancer. Eating disorders. Mental illness. Heartache + grief. Lies + protection rackets. Poverty + malnutrition. Unconscious, dysfunctional parenting. Wounded children in adult bodies. Disparity, destitute + desperate. And every other syndrome under the sun.

This is the deep rooted psychological and psychosocial causation of Women’s ill-health. The global wounded Feminine. The list is endless. This is not our Natural State of Affairs Ladies.

  • gender based abuse & violence
  • altered body image & weight issues
  • managing time – clock vs Moon-time
  • knowing where to start & self doubt
  • lack of motivation, inadequacy
  • fear of other people’s opinions
  • fear of innate Feminine Power
  • low self-confidence & worth
  • disorganisation, fatigue
  • drama/gossip
  • poverty & stigma
  • codependency/ gold digger
  • domestic violence
  • economic injustice
  • racial injustice
  • controlled by male order
  • unconscious Mothering
  • birth trauma
  • homeless & hungry
  • substance abuse
  • prostitution, porn
  • dishonour, degradation

There’s no chemical remedy for a spiritual problem. Nor a label. Or any other 5 sensory, left hemisphere, lab rat mentality. When the Feminine Psyche is wounded, so too is the mind, body & society. It’s that friggin ‘simple. So go back in your mind’s eye and visualise the terror of the Witch mania. Visualise her being burnt at the stake. She’s endured the horror of rape, the terror and agony of torture and burning to death. Dishonoured on every level. You are her descendant. Read that again.

01. Mindset + Language

Do yourself a favour and quit regurgitating the male reversals. Why? Because they impact your Psyche, your Beliefs and biochemistry, every single moment of every single day. Here’s the thing: they wiped out our foreMothers, our ancestors, the Wise-women, the Witches and then had the audacity to brutalise us, impoverish us, control us, abuse us, label us, institutionalise us, experiment on + ‘study’ us and class themselves as our experts! Well my gorgeous one, I’m here to help you and the sleeping beauty’s awaken and kick ass. Ultimately, I’m going to help you undo the reversals, deprogram, recover and settle back into your natural state of genuine Feminine Health, Honour and Wisdom, from the inside out. Then you’ll really live your best life!

Have you ever watched the movie Avatar? Well this is same, same but different. This paradigm wiped out our Wisdom, Knowledge & Principles and is now attempting to feed us their science-based academia, based on male thinking & experiments. Lopsided and completely devoid of the Feminine Principle. Completely devoid of Earth & Soul Knowledge. Completely devoid of the Starwheel and Sacred Geometry. It’s an Insult to injury. An insult to Intelligence.

Fact: the human Soul & Mind is unquantifiable. The Feminine Soul & Mind is above and beyond 5 sensory, left hemisphere, academia and science. The Feminine Soul does not fit into the Masculine mould or vice versa. Nor should it. We’re fundamentally different on every level, for good reason. Attempting to do so is nothing short of sheer stupidity and ignorance. Keep in mind humanity is in turmoil. And you’re unlearning. When the Feminine Culture is annihilated, the Feminine self and identity is also wounded and damaged, on every level.

02. Our Rich Her-itage

Let me give you a glimpse into this phenomenal field. Let me take you on a very simple loop of a very astounding Cycle. Just one of many. All interconnected. Too broad to cover here and one I cover in my Woman-lore program.

Since the dawn of time humans have looked skyward and pondered the Universe, the Cosmos. Since the dawn of time Women have understood Moon-time. Calendar consciousness began with Women and our Moon-time Cycles. Our foreMothers knew we were in sync with that big silver ball in the sky. They understood the ebb and flow and rhythm and cycles of the Moon. They marked them on cave walls. Here we have the very first Astrologers and Mathematicians. She’s the Governess of Timing Cycles here on Earth. Governess of our Feminine Moon-blood and the Oceanic tides, just for starters. Fast forward to our Great Libraries and Temples. Have you ever wondered why we were persecuted en masse around the globe? Now you do.

Did you know, king and clergy adjusted time on earth? Do you know you’re being governed by their clock instead of Moon-time, Feminine Time, seasons and cycles, out of sync with the Starwheel and sidereal Star-time? Now you do.

We have 13 months and 13 moons and 1200 Saros Cycles. And that’s just the Moon. Ever wondered what the rest of the Planets are doing? Ever wondered their dance and interrelationships around the sun? The first day of the year is the 21st of March, always known as Lady day. Have you ever wondered why your new year’s resolutions rarely come to frutition? Now you do.

Do you wonder that Oct means 8 and Dec means 10, so how is October the 10th month and December the 12th? Now you do.

03. Dishonour

The village is in carnage after the rape and pillage of our Wise women and our Warrior men. The children are terrified. You and I, the child survivors, way, way back then. The male order rounds us up. We’re now homeless and Motherless and left at the mercy of these filthy assholes. There’s no mercy. The word fuck stands for ‘fornication under command of the king’. They legalised the rape of every child over the age of 6. That age changed to 12 in the 16th century. They sealed our hellish fate. Child brides. Genital cutting (circumcision & fgm). Foot binding. Funeral pyres. Domestic violence. Injustice. Disparity. Slavery. Institutions. And the list above. And those children, our ancestors, were damaged, wounded children in all manner of fear, stress and strife, who grew into adult bodies. Who tried to parent the best they could. Rinse and repeat generation after generation, until today. The impact and effects of Feminine dishonour and oppression are abundantly clear today. Labs, dollars and more academia are not the answer.

This is why Women are sick and tired.

All with the sense there’s something missing. And nothing will change until you do. Turn around bright eyes. The underpinnings of Feminine ill health stem from the Witch mania. The Feminine Psyche cannot be healed by a male order, with male ways of thinking, that created the wound, the dishonour and the dis-ease, in the first place.

Do you know the word cunt comes from the Feminine word Cunti – meaning to revere Life, Mother and Kinship. Now you do.

Did you know that when males raped, butchered, tortured and burnt our Witches at the stake, destroyed our great Libraries and Temples and obliterated our magnificent Goddess Culture, they turned the word Cunti into cunt – hate woman. Now you do.

Did you know the yin/yang symbol represents the 8 Phases of the Moon? Now you do.

Do you know Women are not the passive principle? Here to submit to man? (Aristotle). They have an orgasm, we do the rest. Bringing forth life is the very Active Principle on Earth Sistar. We are the Creatrix. Keep that in Mind.

Note: the genuine Feminine Principle is Noble, not bra burning. Next level.

04. Unlearning

There’s major unlearning to do. It’s easier than you think. It’s my Destiny and my Honour to bring it back to you. Back into our Consciousness for Consciousness. Back into mainstream. To fill the gaping hole in reality. For us, our children and the well being of our next generations. For the new Era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

Yep, there’s a lot to undo. It’s going to take some time and elbow grease. (Don’t panic. You don’t have to study for years! Woman-lore is 3 tier – sequential from beginner, intermediate + advanced). But once you start you’ll gain momentum and never look back. You’ll never view yourself or Life the same way again. And then you’ll pass it on to your Daughters, your family, your community and your nation. And our precious son’s too. We’re all in this together. But right now, we need to heal the Feminine Psyche, the Mothers, the children and society. And then we can unite. Tribal, black, white. We’re all human, living on a massive ball spinning around a sun with a moon that shifts our oceans! Mother Earth does not need our management. No-one owns land except Her. There’s only one of you in the whole World. And that’s fucking phenomenal!

05. Soul Food + Spidey Senses

I reckon it’s Time to restore our Great Libraries and Temples again. I’d love to see us all shift, uplift and rise up and really tune in to our incredible Minds & Multi-senses again. Imagine what we’ll achieve then!

I want to see our Children of the Earth back in Earth & Soul School. I know for a fact that there is so much more to Us and our Potential than this shit. Which percentage of your brain do you use? And how much Time are you wasting? On survival? On depression? On tv? On social? On mind numbing bullshit? Completely disconnected girlfriend!

Have you ever felt there’s more to Life? Ever wondered your purpose and why it seems illusive? It’s not on the internet! It’s not a quiz! It’s not in school. It’s sitting in your garden! It’s written in the stars! It’s inside you and all around you! Sadly, it’s not taught anymore.

Yes, it takes courage to heal. But you don’t have to go it alone. It’s not hard, this unlearning. It took me 30 years and a few lifetimes but lucky for you, I’m the Feminine Soul ninja, here to fast track you. I was born for it. It’s my gift to you. Because I’ve been where you are. I have the eyes to see what most do not. I know the Earth-Soul Knowledge inter-connection like the back of my hand. I know what it takes to Reset + heal the Feminine Psyche. How do I know? I’m living, breathing proof.

I know that a Matriarchal Mindset is your #1 Success Tactic every day of the week. I know you need to undo the reversals in your Mindset, Language, Birthing, Mothering, Mythology & Symbols. I know you have precisely what you need inside you. It’s my job to show you how.

It truly is My Gift to You









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