Universal Facts about Abortion

January 18, 2023

Today we’re speaking about our Goddess given right, the right to terminate. Abortion is a Woman’s private business in which no man has the right to interfere. No-one on the face of the Planet has the right to govern or control your reproductive organs or your life. The end.

‘Woman is the Soul aligned with Nature who brings forth Life’ 

Some universal facts

  • It’s a Universal fact that you and only you have the right to decide
  • It’s a Universal fact that no-one owns your reproductive system
  • It’s a Universal fact that those without a uterus have no say
  • Until you’ve birthed, there’s a whole realm you know nothing about
  • It’s a universal fact that this is Souly/soley the Woman’s Domain
  • It’s a Universal fact that ‘Woman is the Life Giving, Nurturing Principal here on Earth’
  • It’s a Universal fact that You must give life gladly in order to do it well.

Check this out …

Pluto is the symbol of Birth + Mother – Our Power Function. Our very Conscious, Active Principle here on Earth. Do you know who’s changed the symbol and ‘dwarfed’ the Planet? Yep, the very same paradigm that has waged unremitting war on the Feminine in their quest for control and greed. Now you do.

Wholeness. (baby)

In the Cup of Receptivity (womb)

On the Cross of Matter. (bringing forth Life to Earth) = Mother!

→ It’s a Universal fact that ‘a Woman must give life willingly & gladly in order to do it well’. Bringing forth Life is our Goddess Given Gift and role. No-one has the right to interfere, shame, blame or control.

→ Since the dawn of Time, Mothering has always been a Free and Wise enterprise. Who fucked that up? Who monetized, punished, imprisoned and controlled that? Who has left us desperate and destitute to birth and live in sorrow? Who denied contraception and invented the hideous unwed mother homes, foundling hospitals and workhouses, run by clueless, dimwitted and oftentimes sinister nuns and spinsters, in squalor? Yep, patriarchy. It’s time to wake up Ladies.

How do we know when patriarchy have achieved their goal?

When the damaged men and women carry out their dirty work. The mindset, theories, control and male order and way of doing things. Hideous. Cruel. Heartbreaking. Needless. Males got their grubby hands on us 800yrs ago and have since told us how to Birth and Mother with disastrous consequences. There’s major unlearning to be done here. Major! To undo the Handbook of the Inquisition.

The clergy who stated ‘no-one does more harm to the catholic faith than mother-midwives and abortion’ who was not averse to murdering pregnant women at the stake. Their male legislators have laughed with indifference in the face of the most hazardous and serious biological enterprise we undertake – pregnancy and birth. The Universal truth is: Until you’ve given birth, there’s a whole realm you know nothing about. No peanut on Earth can outsmart the Larger Cycles at work. The Truth always returns.

‘Mother and Home’ are written over every neolithic phase. Males are not experts on the Feminine. And babies need their Whole Support System – their Mother. The end. In the meantime, let’s get you back on track. For those of you in need of abortion, call out, seek support, move now and get yourself to a place of genuine, medical help. 

01. It’s Soul stuff

Just the very thought of abortion fills you with dread. It’s the worst decision you’ll ever have to make. It’s not a decision you make lightly. You know it’s Soul level stuff, between you and your baby. And you’ll never forget it. But deep down, you and only you know it’s the right thing to do. And that’s ok. The reasons and situations you consider abortion are wide and varied and strictly your own private business – from age, contraceptive accidents to rape and just simply saying no.


  • they have an orgasm, we do the rest.
  • birth and Motherhood is above and beyond biology + labs
  • patriarchy has interfered with birth + monetised Mothering
  • males are not Mothers
  • our choice, always and ever
  • no judgement

02. Shut them Out

Opinions, shame, blame and money thoughts & opinions. Don’t listen to others. Well meaning or not. Everyone has an opinion, it will just cause you confusion. Listen to yourself. And seek wise counsel from mature Women, not your teenage friend. There’s major conditioning to be undone here. This patriarchal paradigm has caused all manner of pain, shame, death and heartbreak to Women and their Children over the last 2 millennia. Hideous. Unacceptable. It’s time to offload this archaic mindset and conditioning.

They’ve also turned Mothering – a free and Wise enterprise – into a monetised, anti-mothering unconscious exercise. With disastrous consequences. The downfall of the Mother-rite has been the downfall of us all. This is not our Natural State of Affairs Ladies. Yep, there’s major unlearning to be done here. Tune out at all costs for your safety and sanity. Go back to Nature. She restores your senses and sensibilities. Find a quiet place. Make an altar. Journal. Write out pros and cons and feelings. Do whatever you need to for you. Honour yourself. Eat well. Stress may interrupt your sleep so catnap. Take a day off. Self care. Educate yourself. Find a safe place for you and the procedure. Don’t go it alone. Speak to a professional.

The impact, the wounding, to Women and children is too broad a subject to cover here so I’ll keep it simple and give you the basics. Your head response; in this system.

03. Head Response

Your head (and emotions) will be tipped upside down, in overdrive and overwhelm, all over the place. This system is a reversed, anti-mothering system so your innate response will instantly be reversed into the following thought processes:

  • Can I afford my baby?
  • Accommodation? 
  • Childcare?
  • My food and shelter? 
  • My age – too old or young?
  • My support system/s?
  • My income?
  • My studies?
  • My work/career?

The list goes on. And the answer is yes, you will. No matter what. Breastfeeding and co-sleeping is essential and free. It will give you time to get on your feet. Of course since the Dawn of Time we’ve Mothered in Mammalian Clans with Wise women, safety, support and essential rejuvenation. This will return to mainstream once again. Hold on, revolution and change is upon us.

My heart breaks for the millions of Women who have had their babies taken from them over the last 2+ millennia. The amount of women who could not afford their babies in this shitful ‘man’s world’. The heartache and sorrow of Motherless children. Orphaned children. Neglected children. Adoptions. Foundling hospitals and the killings. The experiments. Nothing short of abhorrent and criminal.

04. The Grey Blanket

The after effects of abortion are seldom spoken about. The Mother-Daughter Dynamic has been stamped out in this paradigm so sadly Women and girls are left unwise and vulnerable. The Teachings were wiped out in the witch mania. Replaced with male/clergy control, shame, blame, danger, adoptions, judgement, detrimental + long lasting practices and heartbreak. The sheer audacity of it. Karma will out.

The immediate effects of an abortion are relief and sadness. You’ll feel relieved. You’ll know you’ve made the right decision. The overwhelm is gone. You’ll cry. You’ll go to work/school/life and go about your days as normal. Until things begin to unravel.

  • You’ll feel numb. 
  • You’ll realise you’ve lost your sense of Awe.
  • You’ll see everything around you with lacklustre eyes.

The Grey Blanket of Grief has kicked in. 

Caution: if left unchecked, the Emotional Cycle post abortion is detrimental. I know women still reeling from their abortion 40 years afterward. There are 2 reasons why:

  • Your decision making process is altered
  • You’ll remain stuck in the Emotional Cycle of Grief

Even though you made the right decision for yourself, abortion is Soul-ular stuff. And the emotional cycle of grief + loss consists of the gamut of emotions:

  • Shock + denial
  • Sadness, pain, grief
  • Guilt
  • Anger + injustice
  • Blame, bargaining 
  • What if
  • Depression, loneliness, anxiety

Please do yourself a favour and seek professional help. Don’t let this make a mess of your life. Left unchecked, over time it will derail you and wreak havoc in your life. It’s easier than you think. You can sort this out in about 6-10 sessions. I offer a course on it in my academy. 

Pro tip: All unresolved matters surface again and again, begging to be resolved, no matter how hard we humans try to suppress and deny them. Suppressed emotions cause illness. If you do not make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness. Read that again. There’s no chemical remedy for a spiritual problem.

05. Acceptance

I too have had an abortion. There are millions of us women who have. For all manner of reasons. Our reasons. Our private fucking reasons. You’re not alone. I too have encountered judgement and malpractice, from a Dr and well intentioned medical staff. The referring male Dr conducted an unnecessary internal exam then scoffed at me and left me there. Asshole. The procedure staff, nurses, wheeled me in with my legs up, knees together prior to anaesthetic. I went to sleep knowing my legs would flop down. The message was ‘yes we’ll grant you an abortion but we’ll punish you for it too’ which traumatised me for years afterward. 

Know this – the conditioning, stigma, dogma, control, punishments, imprisonments and shaming are still rife in this day and age. We have some work to do to flip it. And flip it we must for all our Sistar’s around the world. Go back only 50-100 years ago and have a look at the shocking ignorant beliefs, practices and experiments going on, still rampant in this paradigm (bio-tech uterine envy). Criminal! 

No matter what girlfriend, seek help and come out the other side with a hefty dose of healthy acceptance and forgiveness. And teach your daughters. And change laws. No one owns your reproductive system or your Life. This is 100% your choice. The end. 

Do you need help?

Depression after abortion is normal. The grief cycle is very real and serious if left unchecked. I’ve created a step by step 8 week Termination Recovery Course for you. This self paced mini course helps you through the Grief Cycle including bonus material and tangible tips you can implement today. You’re only 8 steps away to feeling relief from grief. Please find it here. Take care you, xo

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