Smart People unClimate Change

January 18, 2023

Today we’re speaking about our gorgeous MotherShip, Mother Earth, and our purpose here as Her guests. She does not need our management.

Mother Earth is our Earth School. And we are Her students.

It’s a Universal fact that we are NOT at the top of the evolutionary scale. Never have been. Contrary to popular belief, (aka conditioning) the Whales, our Record Keepers, guard the top spot. Life on Earth is a cyclic system, not a hierarchical one. Humans have forgotten. Consciousness is lost. There’s a gaping hole in reality. Turn around bright eyes.

Our role here is twofold:

→ To evolve the Soul – each Earth Walk. Individually and collectively. That’s another blog.

→ To learn how to co-exist here – we’ve failed class miserably!

Humankind did not weave the Web of life. We are but one thread in it. As the Red Indian proverb states: ‘A frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives’. Wake up. The Children of Earth are lost, disconnected and disrespectful. Wake up.

This paradigm of patriarchy over the last two millennia has it grossly ass about face! The image above says it all. Take a good look at it.

Today’s lesson is crucial in understanding how to break through your conditioning and give you the eyes to see what most do not. To help you understand our place here. To recognize how small and insignificant we are in the Grand Scheme of things. To regain some Respect. To reconnect. To quit using and abusing Mother Nature and Her resources this way. And quit doing the same thing every day for the dollar, playing our part in the problem.

Turn around bright eyes.

The answer has never been labs or dollars. Those who are busy pulling everything apart fail to see how everything fits together! Five sensory humans v multi-sensory humans. That’s another blog.

Once upon a time we lived in very wise civilisations living in accordance with Mother Earth and the Lunar Round. The remnants of which lay all around us, all over the globe, as reminders.

In their quest for control and greed, patriarchy has waged unremitting war on the Feminine and Earth. And the damage is plain to see – on every level. Human and Nature. Our necessities of food and shelter do not cost the Earth. It’s never about the ‘haves and have nots’. Poverty (among many other things) is a patriarchal construct. Mother Earth provides everything we need in abundance.

Mother Earth does not need our management

This is a micro introduction into a phenomenal field. But first, will all humans please sit down, be quiet and listen. Really, truly listen. With chakra ears. It’s time for you to unlearn and relearn. The sheer audacity of humans today to think they’re conscious is an insult to both Mother Earth and truly conscious people, currently fringe dwellers, shaking our heads waiting for the right time to stand up and lead the way. We cannot continue as we are, on a collision course with the planet.

Mother Earth does not need our management! And Her Guardians will always keep Her secrets until humans are awake enough to comprehend and respect Life on Earth.

We don’t have a Planet B. Even if we did, we have no right to fuck this one up and jump ship! And until we get this right, we can leave other planets alone!

No-one has the right to control food and shelter for profit and leave people hungry and homeless. Never ever. Nor do we have the right to keep raping and pillaging the planet for profit. Never ever. And so, one day, very soon, Mother Earth is going to say ‘enough’ and kick ass, with one powerful shake. What is unimaginable today may be inevitable tomorrow. Natural catastrophe on a grand scale.

And here’s the mindset that needs to change: the halfwits who continue, without a second thought, who impact the rest of us! Yep, those who spit, litter, contaminate and have blatant disregard for us, future generations and our Mothership. Unacceptable! Over it. Change is nigh.

So let’s get started with some everyday basics to begin taking response-ability for our behaviour, and theirs. Because nothing will change until you do. Too many people turn a blind eye. They are the problem.

01. Coffee

Hands up coffee drinkers. Hands up if you’re a drive-through coffee person every morning on your way to work. Now multiply those cups by every person in your street, your suburb, your city. Then multiply that by every nation. Now take a look at how many plastic cups are in your workplace. And in landfill. Hideous. Unacceptable.

Let’s set a challenge here. Try to live plastic free for one month. I’ve tried. And failed. It’s impossible. And this is atrocious. The answer is not recycling. The answer is stop producing it. The answer is stop being part of the supply and demand. The answer is stop supporting the food chains and manufacturers. Yes stop! Stop supporting the cargo ships. Stop supporting the mass production. Live local. Live in season. Learn to stop doing the same mind-numbing thing every day, for the dollar. We have to change the way we do things. During covid, when humans were forced indoors, our animals returned. Our waterways cleared.  Speaks volumes.

Yes, humans are the cancer of the planet. Are you one of them? Are you affronted by that question? Am I bugging you? Good! I’ve travelled around the planet. And what I’ve seen makes me cry. And I know the answer is simple. It takes each of us to unlearn and relearn and then unite. To get our smarts reconnected back to our Mothership and change shit up! We are the problem. Marching and yelling in the street falls on deaf ears. Calling on politicians is futile. Nothing changes. Except taxes. They have an ego and greed investment in the maintenance and preservation of their status quo. They are the problem too.

02. Deforestation. Gold. Mining

I learned about the disastrous practice of this many decades ago. I came across a book about the deforestation of the Amazon and the gold mining industry. I was shocked at the total disregard humans have and the lengths they’ll go to for the dollar.

The health and environmental impact is sickening. Unacceptable. Criminal. Sit the fuck down humans! Wow, talk about no respect, no morals and no fucking idea.

But what can I do? I’m only one person I hear people say. Well, you’re a consumer I bet. And you watch the idiot box and waste hours on social I bet. And lots of you work in these industries. Hands up if you work in the mines to pay the mortgage? Hands up if you wear gold jewellery. I do. Hands up if you love your old record collection? I do. Hands up if you drive your car from A to B. I do. We’re part of the problem. The answer is we have to find better ways to do all of this. Or maybe just go without some things. I’d happily trade my car for a horse and cart any day. I’m glad I’m not in the debt/credit cycle that keeps society in the grind for the dollar. Ah there’s a cycle we need to unlearn and opt out of for starters.

As the elders say: when all the trees are gone, and the rivers run dry. You cannot eat your dollar!

Irrespective of our uniqueness, our Circle of Needs are the same. Mother Earth provides everything we need in abundance. Who’s fucking with that? Who’s controlling that? Wakey wakey. We’re on the brink of major fucked-up-ness. This is not out Natural State of Affairs. There’s a gaping hole in reality. There’s a lot of patriarchy to unlearn. There are answers. We are capable of so much more. But first, we must deprogram. And then there’s Earth Knowledge to relearn. Shift our psyche, shift our life here on Earth.

03. Sprays. Chemicals. Nuclear.

Ugh this drives me mad. The amount of excuses for killing plants and insects is absolute bullshit. How on Earth do you not realise you and your children are breathing and drinking this poison in every day! This impacts the planet and each of us on every single level, every day. I feel sorry for babies crawling on the floor with surface sprays on their fingers going into their mouths. I feel sorry for children with breathing problems on every medication under the sun. I feel annoyed at the amount of schools, farms, resorts, businesses and councils who think it’s ok to poison their establishments and gardens every week. And excuse it! Hideous! Absolutely unconscious!

Let’s truly have a look at it. Weed killers. Insect killers. Sprays. Chemicals. Detergents. Nuclear waste. Radioactive waste. Chernobyl. The list is endless.

Have you ever added it up? I have. It’s unquantifiable! The gigatonnes going into the atmosphere and water shed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, is beyond measure and nothing short of criminal. Take a good look at the picture above again. There’s no excuse for it. Not ever.

Hands up if you know the vital role weeds and insects play in every ecosystem here on Earth? Pat on the back for the handful of you. Hands up if you know the medicinal purposes of the weeds, each under the dominion of the Planets. Fuck all. Knowledge buried, forgotten, lost. That’s another blog – too broad a subject to cover here. Essential Earth Knowledge that must return to mainstream and change the way we live on Earth.

The main pest is humans. Living at the expense of the plants and animals. Too stupid to realise they’re the problem, running off to doctors for pills with a lab mentality too boot. We’ve reached plague proportions. Mass population and pollution is our fault. The animals are shaking their heads in disbelief. There are alternatives to this. But first, there’s major unlearning to be done.

04. Bleach

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Hands up if you use bleach. Now multiply that by every street, every suburb, every school, every business, every city, every nation. That’s way too much going down the drain into our oceans and waterways. Stop buying it. Stop it. Stop it! Be part of the change and find an eco-alternative, for now. The only way to stop the production of it is to stop buying it. Hygiene is another lesson for ALL that needs to become common place. That’s another blog. There’s no excuse for filth or feral. Until this stops, humans are far from conscious.

05. Babies + Teenagers

Since the Dawn of Time Mothering has been a free and wise enterprise. Until patriarchy. Prior to this ignorant, parasitic paradigm, we Mothered in Mammalian Clans. Without interference from males. And in accordance with Woman-lore – the Feminine Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles from the Matriarchal Ages. Consciousness.

Currently, there are two parenting styles. Conscious and unconscious. Too broad a subject to cover here – mini courses in Academy. There’s plenty of unlearning necessary here to restore the Woman’s Domain to Her rightful place and end the dis-ease and dysfunction cycles of Mother and child, in patriarchy.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at climate change from another angle. The baby aisle. The baby industry. Cringeworthy! Add up every dummy, every disposable nappy, every bottle and every tin of formula. Yikes. Multiply that globally. And have a look at the image above again. And then sit and really think about landfill. And then look at the plastic-fantastic toys. And the bright-shiny-bling-shit on the shelves and online. And think about landfill again. And rethink who’s responsible for climate change.

I dare you to sit quietly in a high school for 1 week and observe. Just take a good look at the teenagers in action. Appalling. Are they yours? They spit and litter and swear and graffiti and cannot flush the toilet. The boys piss all over the floor. The girls leave tampax wrappers all over the floor with fake lashes and nails and a face plastered with foundation. Fruit is smashed all over the place whilst they eat 2 minute noodles. Guess what? They’re yours! And they’re our next generations. Cringe. This is not our way forward. Clueless. Am I bugging you? Good. Because those of us doing the right thing are fed up with those who don’t.

I know in my heart of hearts it’s time for change. Inner change. Soul-awareness change. Massive change. Rallying is great. But it’s the same awake peeps calling out to the same asleep peeps. We’ve been there, done that. Now it’s time to wake up, next level. I know for a fact we’re capable of so much more. I know for a fact the answer is not labs or dollars or ipads. I know it’s time for us fringe dwellers to stand up and pave a better way. I know there’s a gaping hole in reality. I know that once we deprogram, relearn and recover, our incredible minds will kick into gear and soar. We have the potential to revolutionize the way we live here on Earth. Turn around bright eyes. It’s Time.

Adopt the seven R’s!

Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rot. Respect! And then Reconnect. It’s time.

It’s no accident that majestic whales are beaching themselves – sonar and pollution. Whales survive using sonar and echolocation. Submarines are fucking that up! Wake up. We don’t have a Planet B. And you don’t have the right to trample the Earth and impact the rest of us and Mother Natures Creatures, great and small.

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