Secrets About Pluto. Our Power Function

March 12, 2023

Today’s blog is all about unveiling the truth about Pluto – our Birthing + Mothering Power Function. Of course in a paradigm hell bent on diminishing the Feminine they naturally diminish everything else that goes with it.

Well I was born to restore our ancient Matriarchal Knowledge back into mainstream. I am a Wise Woman and Earth Mother, fluent in Her-story, born of this transitional time. Born to bring back our Feminine Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles. For you, my Sistars, around the World. It’s my Soul-gig. It’s my Gift to you. Because when we heal the Feminine Psyche, we heal society.

That’s a Universal Given my lovely.

→ A few Tips to get the most out of this blog:

  • Keep in mind you’re unlearning
  • Keep your mind open – you’re relearning our rich Matrilineal Heritage
  • Throw the old books away – the scholars are fluent in patriarchy

‘Woman’ is the Soul of the World, Aligned with Nature who brings forth Life.

We are the Active, Creative, Nurturing Principle here on Earth.

It’s a sacred honour.

And before we go any further , let’s put a vital practice back into mainstream – DO NOT CUT CORDS! Until they have stopped pulsating. And here’s why: Placental Transfusion is essential. Immediately after birth our baby must remain connected to us. Baby is full of amniotic fluid that it must transfer back to us to process for them. Baby has fluid in nose, mouth, lungs, eyes, organs, everywhere. We continue to breathe for and provide everything for our baby through the umbilical cord during this transfusion, as we have throughout pregnancy.

→ There’s a reason why, just as the butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis, We Birth from Within!

→ Babies arrive precisely when they mean to, on their time.


males got their grubby hands on us 800yrs ago and have since told us how to Birth and Mother with disastrous consequences. Pregnancy and Birth is not something males do, it’s completely foreign to their whole human experience + existence → they are not experts! The word ‘obstetrician’ stems from the word ‘the obstructor’. King and clergy deemed women would birth in sorrow and created hideous practices to ensure it.

‘Every heavily pregnant Woman on Earth knows she cannot lie on her back in bed’. So why are you all on a single bed, flat on your backs attempting it? Squat + movement, in-tune with your contractions, with our Mother-midwives is how we’ve birthed since the dawn of time.

They have immobilised birthing Mothers, flat on their backs which increases pain, decreases blood flow + oxygen to bub, diminishes pelvic opening and gravity. And no birthing Mother on the face of this Earth needs to be told when to push or breathe! There’s major unlearning + relearning to be done here. Let’s undo the cringe-worthy media portrayal of birth and throw away stirrups and forceps. Birth is a very sacred affair to be attended by trained Mother-midwives in quiet, peaceful environments. Of course medical attention is needed in some cases but lest we forget we’re designed for it in every way – which has been lost along the way.

Have you ever wondered why some babies take a few minutes to breathe and wake up after birth, with cut and engorged cord? Now you do.

Have you ever wondered why children suffer with wet lungs, asthma, ear infections, tonsillitis and other ENT problems? Now you do.

It’s time to outlaw and abolish genital cutting aka ptsd and controlled crying aka neglect = detrimental on every level. Have you ever wondered who invented these hideous things? Now you do. I dare you to research the depraved gilgal society and the cruel religious parenting book by the pearls, and both their deep seated, patriarchal origins. Hideous. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again. Heartbreaking, criminal and out-rage-ous. I will not give them capital letters nor promote them. It’s up to us who know, to teach those who don’t. Too broad a subject to cover here but in a nutshell, our genitals are designed perfectly, so leave them alone! Baby boys are born perfect – I never touched my son’s foreskin and he never had a problem. Wash him in the bath and as a toddler he’ll wash it discovering himself.

Have you ever wondered why maternity wards are full of pale, forlorn faces and exhausted new Mothers? Now you do. And which dickhead made up shaking the baby in the crook of the knee? Being played in every room? Stop it now. Babies need quiet and still and dark to settle and sleep just as we do. And they need their whole support system – their Mother!

Precautions – hospital birth is riddled with old school, male ob/gyn teachings and practices, where you’ll be restricted, ‘done-to’ and at risk of c-sections + birth trauma. Yes you can birth naturally after c-sections. No you don’t need routine episiotomy. Newborns never, ever need spanking. No such thing as a ‘lazy uterus’ after hours of labour = rest + move on your time. And shoulder dystocia is caused by immobilisation = move + squat → never break baby’s collar bone! Do not birth or take advice from anyone who has never done it. It’s your job to Re-educate and Rejuvenate yourself prior to Birth! Get yourself into the epitome of Health + wisdom with a birth plan with Mother-midwives before attempting the super-power of all things Mothering.

Check this out …

Pluto is the symbol of Birth + Mother – Our Power Function. Our very Conscious, Active Principle here on Earth. (you can still see a Pluto symbol atop the Taj Mahal). Do you know who’s changed the symbol and ‘dwarfed’ the Planet? Yep, the very same paradigm that has waged unremitting war on the Feminine in their quest for control and greed. Now you do.

Wholeness. (Baby. Soul)

In the Cup of Receptivity (Womb)

On the Cross of Matter. (Bringing forth Life to Earth) = Mother!

01. The Ancients – our Wise Women

The ancients and our ForeMothers, the Witches, have always revered the Demeter Trinity – the 3 Phases of Woman. The Maiden. The Mother. The Hag. (or Crone – chronological + Chronos – the Keeper of Time = Wisdom).

Still to this day in Europe Trivia means Tri-via – a fork in the road along the old Rose line and magnetic lines. It’s not something small and insignificant but the exact opposite. Which road will you take Traveller? A small gift was always left at the crossroads given to the Goddess for safe passage. Gift giving is a Love Language after all.

02. Pluto – ‘Riches’

Pluto means Riches. She’s the Daughter of Cretan the Earth Mother, Rhea. Stay with me. You’re unlearning remember. Let go of the Persephone/devil shite. That’s a christian reversal. I’m taking you beyond that, back to the Origins. Pluto was the second woman in the Demeter Trinity. They are:

  • Kore – the Virgin (Maiden)
  • Pluto – the Mother
  • Persephone – the Destroyer (Death + Rebirth)

The word ‘Riches’ typically meant the Mother figure whose breasts poured forth abundance. And indeed they do. Irreplaceable.

Have you ever wondered why everyone is obsessed with ‘manifesting’ abundance? Of things + money? Yet women are breastfeeding for 6 weeks then feeding babies via a tin? With every excuse and justification under the sun? Ass about face.

‘Conscious Earth Mothering is a Wise + Free enterprise’. Ever wondered who reversed and monetised that? Now you do.

Because Earth Mothers are the minority in this day and age. Usually solo. In the epitome of health, breastfeeding for 3yrs with well adjusted, conscious children. No longer teaching, mentoring or guiding. Having to shrink and play small so other women won’t feel insecure around them. Quietly tolerating every opinion from imperfect mothers who cannot heed our advice. I see you Sistar. I got you Sistar. I have a course in creation for you. In the meantime, there’s a book list below to help you quit shrinking. We have to upset the unconscious applecart and pave the way. It’s Time.

Let’s clear this up:

Virgin means First Birth. It has nothing to do with our first Sacred sexual encounter. #Unlearning. Let’s undo the male version + interference quick smart! Girls, listen up. Your first sexual encounter is sacred. Quit selling yourselves online, on your phones or in the school yard. The only way to end cyber bullying is to get off it! The only way to end peadophile rings and human trafficking is to safeguard Women and children as we used to pre his-story and reinstate our genuine Feminine Honour + Sovereignty. It’s my job to show you how.

And Crone is a fucking compliment Ladies. So age gracefully! Get a twinkle in your wrinkle instead of botox! Because age makes a difference – it’s called Life Experience. The Wise Women used to teach, guide and protect our youth. It’s called mentoring! Life experience and Wisdom are to be shared. A Gift long lost that must return. Our All encompassing Matriarchal Knowledge and Mathesis was always passed from Mother to Daughter aka our In-her-itance. Re-learning our Matrilineal Legacy is paramount.

Back to Pluto – the Mother figure whose breasts pour forth abundance. Traces of our Goddess still remain the World over although they sadly sit in ruin. Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, (Turkish: [ɟœbecˈli teˈpe], “Potbelly Hill” is one of the oldest. The Ancients always understood the Earth correlation between us, mountains and mounds – breasts and pregnant belly. (find more in the Cyclic Blog). Synonymous with the Bounty and Abundance of our Mothership, Mother Nature and Earth Mothers.

A Matriarchal Mindset is your #1 Success tactic

It’s a very sad state of affairs that women are lying flat on their backs, having c-sections, buying tins of formula and anti-mothering. Full of imperfect advice but can’t take any. With males calling themselves Women! Stay with me. Keep your indignation in check. This a wake up call for healing the global wounded Feminine. For Deprogram + Recover. For conscious change. Humanity is in turmoil. Way out of balance with global wounded Feminine. We’re on a collision course with the Planet. Women and children exhibit every syndrome under the sun. There are too many women in abuse. Too many displaced children. Too many homeless. Too many hungry. Too many suicidal. Too many dim witted weaklings. Too many assholes. Too many disengaged, dickhead teenagers, on social with no fucking idea – the next generation of parents for fucks sake! Scary. Too much pollution and over population. How long do you think this will last? How long before a polar reset? Do you know what that is? No Ladies, this is not our Natural State of Affairs! Labs and dollars won’t fix this. The paradigm that created it can’t fix it. Turn around Bright Eyes. It’s Time to lift our game. Deprogram + Recover. And press the reset button.

03. The Symbol – language beyond words

The symbol of Pluto means – Wholeness (Baby) in the Cup of Receptivity (Uterus) on the Cross of Matter (Earth). It also represents transformation – from maiden to mother through pregnancy and birth.

¬ Woman is the Soul Aligned with Nature who brings forth Life. That’s our Power Function. Something males and their biotech companies are fucking with but will never harness. Never.

Our life giving Gift comes with great Response-ability. Once upon a time we lived in accordance with the Lunar Round – Mathesis = Mother Knowledge. And sipped contraceptive teas. In complete Sovereignty of our Temple, hearth and nest, free from male interference. Our beautiful men were of course our warriors, protectors, and were busy with husbandry and building.

¬ Masonic – is Mother Sound. Our babies hear our heartbeats from the inside. They hear our Voice, our Timbre and our Intonation – our Mother-tongue. Communication is verbal, body language, tone and Soul – the Mother-infant bond. That depends on Soul calibre of course.  We can say more to our children with a look or a ‘aha’ than any old professor lecture.

¬ Mathesis – is Mother Knowledge in accordance with the Lunar round. Knowledge and wisdom desecrated and buried under patriarchy. Mothering has never been about ‘perfect’. Conscious Mother’s get it right. Here to teach and guide.

There are Earth Mothers and there are token mothers. I shudder to think that the simpleton serial killers, Fred + Rosemary West had 8 children. Speaks volumes about the grand old mess we’re in!

The male theories of old claim communication is 3 fold with allocated percentages. BS. They’ve left out fundamental Feminine Principles. By ignorance and design.

Are you noting the reversals?

Masonic is Mother Sound, not a male club. They tore down the Tree of Life and replaced it with a dead man on a cross.. Preaching their warped BS that Mothers are sinners and you’re all born of it. The words have been reversed: devil-lived and evil-live. The number 13 has always represented our High Priestess teaching our 6 Female + 6 Male students. We have 13 months and 13 moons. Dec means 10. December is the 10th month. Where is the 13th month? The king and clergy back then adjusted Time here on Earth. Yes Ladies, we’re out of sync with the Starwheel and all things wonderful. Turn around Bright Eyes. 

Our all encompassing Matriarchal Knowledge and Riches was always passed from Mother to Daughter – In-her-itance. Since the onset of the father, son and holy spirit reversal, all children have been left motherless, vulnerable and at risk. Note: the obliteration of Mother in the father, son, holy spirit equation.

Animal Medicine, the Elements and Planet Harmonics. All on different Dimensions. The Origins of Music – the language of the Soul. Same with sounds of waterfalls and raindrops and animal stampedes. The Birds (2nd dimension) teach us frequency + harmonics. Cats (6th dimension) teach us flexibility. Elk teaches stamina. Mouse teaches scrutiny. Mars is the lower Octave of Pluto. And both co-rule Scorpio – ruler of the Reproductive organs. Fascinating stuff. All interconnected. And we’re part of it. Totally disconnected. Sitting with brains in neutral staring at screens. Wakey wakey.

Now Scorpio cops a bit of a bad rap. The sting in the tail, jealousy, intimacy and control issues. To help clear this up, there are 3 levels of Scorpio.

  • Scorpion – Unconscious behaviours
  • Eagle – Brinkers
  • Phoenix – Conscious (transformation, tenacity, Introspection. These good old Scorpios do the depths the other signs don’t).

→ Intimacy means: ‘into me you may see, into you I may see’. Any moron can have sex. Intimacy is next level. Soul level. Tantric level. That comes with wisdom, maturity, honour and respect. Don’t settle for anything less Ladies. Don’t stoop down to the gutter level. Males have been very damaged in patriarchy too. Where do you think depravity and gender imbalance originates from?

The Evolution Spectrum

Of course each of us are on different levels on the conscious – unconscious spectrum. Young souls – unconscious. Brinkers are in-betweeners. And Old Souls are conscious. Hence Wisdom and Perception quotients, Mindsets, Beliefs, Worldviews and opinions differ vastly between the 3 types of humans. The baseline of Wisdom, Knowledge, Principles, Standards + Virtues was wiped out with the Witch mania.

And that’s why we have an Evolutionary Process here on Earth School. So trying to diminish Pluto into anything less than a Planet with an Archetype fundamental to our evolutionary process is done so by very low level, short sighted humans here on Earth. The tail is wagging the dog. Lab mentality: 5 sensory vs multi-sensory, higher Minds. Those busy pulling everything apart fail to see how everything fits together.

04. Evolutionary Process 

The study of the mechanics of the solar system is called Astronomy. The study of our Evolutionary Process here on Earth School is called Astrology. True Astrologers study all – a 6 year minimum course and then some.

Astrology is the study of the Stars – the basis of all Intellectual Culture. It also means study of the Soul – Know Thyself. Astrology is the phenomenal field of study of the soli-lunar round and the Larger Cycles at work aka Sacred Geometry – the secrets of the Universe. That cannot be governed or controlled by humans thank fuck! The Truth will always out. Mother Earth and Her Guardians will always keep Her secrets whilst the paradigm in charge is riddled with mal-intent. The Romanies held back a number of Taro cards. And technology will never supersede the human Mind or Soul. Thank goodness we’ve ingressed into the New Era! We cannot continue as we are.

Academia and Intelligence are not one and the same. Religion and Spirituality are not one and the same. One is dogma The other is Dharma. Your Dharma depends on your Soul calibre and your Earth walk each round. Completely and intrinsically linked in Soul pods – Mother + Child – family is chosen in the heavens. Karma + Lessons here on Earth School.

Again, 3 types of Humans = different Minds, Intellect, Wisdom and Worldview. For those of you who are wide awake in need of a Wise, Feminine, Matriarchal point of reference or for you who can see the inter-connectedness of it All, this is the space for you. Welcome. I created Moonwise Academy for you.

This magnificent Knowledge must return to Earth. Our Health and Humanity depends on it. It’s an essential healing act for Women.

Do you know your Soul Blueprint?

The Wandering Stars – the Planets – travel through the Zodiac – the mansions of the Moon, with her 1200 Saros Cycles. Calendar consciousness was developed by women watching the moon in sync with their moon-blood. They wrote these down on cave walls. Here we have the very first Astrologers, Herbalists, Midwives and Mathematicians. Our phenomenal Crafts! Ever wondered why we were persecuted? And diminished into child brides with fgm and destitute prostitutes? (Another Blog). Yes Ladies, the wounding is massive and far reaching. It’s criminal, sinister, unacceptable and unconscionable. It’s Time. Time for Deprogram + Recovery. Karma.

The word Witch means Wise Woman. They were beautiful and wise. They were persecuted. And butchered. And burned at the stake. Pregnant or not. They were never ugly with warts flying around on broomsticks or making love potions in the nude. Wakey wakey. Who diminished our Wise Women to that? Guess who? I think we need some different traditions don’t you?

Have you noticed google has obliterated the word ‘which’ and replaced it with ‘what’, now everything is grammatically incorrect. Which colour not what colour. Yet another subtle tactic.

The Constellation of Cancer – Mother + Home. Mother and Home are written over every neolithic phase. The place of Nature (the natural world) and Nurture. Of Nourishment and Spiritual Containment. Without it you’ll be in all manner of strife and will eventually shrivel and die. Now the diminishers have led you all to believe that this place is the unconscious realm. And indeed it has been for the last 2 millennia. The sleeping beauties. Riddled with cancer. And implants. In poverty and cruelty and in the ‘luny bins’. Lunacy is another diminishing tactic. From Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, Vibrant Intelligent Women with second sight down to ‘lunatic’. Along with hysterical/hysteria (hyster = uterus). So the male order ordered hysterectomies, lobotomies, genital cutting (fgm), ECT and the icepick. Hideous practices to keep us all firmly in place. Kept complaisant in violence and poverty and heartache. Yes the church deemed we would birth in sorrow flat on our backs in view of king and court as breeding purposes only whilst the homos run amok. Adding insult to injury. Our Queendoms overturned onto kingdom cesspits riddled with fickle, corruption, control, destitution, deceit and disease. Facts are facts. All in the his-story books. How revolting.


You’re Unlearning remember. It’s time to flip the script. Undo the reversals. Because here’s the thing: bringing forth Life to Earth is a very ACTIVE Principle. Not passive. It’s above and beyond the basics of food and shelter. Here’s a Universal Given: they have an orgasm (passive) and we do the rest (active). Choose wisely Ladies.

Yep, there’s a gaping hole in reality. We got some work to do.

Until next time take care. Keep your honour and your hygiene to the highest degree and don’t settle for anything less than your Worth. Bringing forth Life is a Sacred Gift. Keep boys at bay with condoms on! 

The cool cats amongst us know Life truly does come with a road map. It’s called a Natal Chart. What’s your gig? Your chosen life assignment! Why has your baby chosen you? Contrary to popular belief, family is chosen in the heavens. You choose your soul pod for your lessons. It’s all written in the stars.

the Book List:

  • Birthing from Within by Pam England – in need of a revamp but great nonetheless
  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Dr Sarah Buckley


The supreme power + authority to Governess Oneself. Our health, hearth and nest. Our Clan, Earth + Soul School and Temple.


The Original Goddess, the Oldest of the Old, the Creatress from whom all becoming arose. The Giver of Life. The Queen Mother and Motherhood Principle.

Have you ever wondered why our magnificent Goddess + Feminine Culture, our Great Schools and Libraries and our Wise-women the Witches, were obliterated? Now you do. Who’s taking her name in warring and oppressive vein? Plain to see.

Here’s to the Larger Cycles at work. Here’s to revolutionary times on Earth. It’s Time. Enough is enough.

My Gift to You









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