Turn your back on Anxiety + Depression

March 15, 2023

Today’s blog is going to take you on a journey. It’s going to weave back and forth into the origins of anxiety and depression and what you can do to offload it. 

Women’s feelings of unworthiness and insecurity, even aberrations such as masochism and depression, originate from patriarchy. It’s time to run for the hills and give it the middle finger!

¬ Anxiety is intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear. It’s a loss of trust in yourself, others and the world around you. It’s crippling. And the great news is: it’s not a life sentence. You can heal anything within your capability to do so with the right fit professional with the right knowledge and toolkit to help you through it, at the right time for you.

The Causes.

Here’s a little tip I’ve always understood. I call it the Octopus Effect. Heads up: I view everything this way in my life and work because I’m a 30,000ft Big Picture Type, with a hyper-linker centre brain. Plus I’ve spent decades studying & researching. I understand the Earth-Soul Knowledge, the 9 Hermetic Laws, the Principle of Cause and Effect, and I like a well rounded view of things. I understand things in their entirety with all the working parts and contributors. Back to the octopus analogy. Imagine the octopus body is Anxiety. The 8 tentacles (really 6 arms and 2 legs) are the Causes. Then overlay every manifestation: the signs and symptoms, the syndromes and underpinnings. I’ll teach you the Insight and remedies in my program. The Cause of anxiety and depression originates from the Witch mania aka hell on Earth. The original terrorists. The origin of abject terror, fear and anxiety in women and children. Enter the hideous malpractices, techniques and conditioning over the last 2 millennia. Yes ladies, do yourselves a favour and throw their books and theories away. Their ‘common-sense’ notions about humanity and the theoretical bases upon which they rest are grossly inaccurate. #unlearning.

01. The Past

It’s a given: you must know the past to make sense of the present and make changes for the future. The problem is, no one is going back far enough. So I have.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always known I do not belong in this Era, this paradigm. For as long as I can remember I’ve seen straight through this paradigm. As a young girl I had the eyes to see what most do not. For as long as I can remember I’ve wondered how the hell this all came to be. Yes, I’m a 30,000ft big picture type. And yes, little girls with big dreams grow into Women with Vision. So began my life long quest all the way back through the Ages, piecing it all together. Discovering the patriarchal MO and the reversals in every country and culture. Discovering the Golden Thread of Matriarchy before it all and the reason why it was destroyed in the first place. The very reason Women have been persecuted and left at the mercy of grotty males – the great unwashed asshole and idiot factor. The damage to boys and girls after the Witch mania was hell on Earth. Facts are facts – all in the his-story books. The reason we’re going down the gurgler at an exponential rate. Humanity is wounded. Yes all of us, no matter the colour of your skin or where you live on the Planet. This is his-story. It’s impacted us all. It’s the same story the world over. 

Countless civilisations have lived here on Earth for millions of years. Keep in mind the scholars are fluent in his-story. The last 2 millennia of his-story has been appalling. It’s atrocious. It’s sinister. It’s criminal. It’s unacceptable. It’s filthy, corrupt and morally bankrupt. It’s ignorant. Thank the Larger Cycles at work, their time is over. The damage is plain to see.

→ ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’. ¬ Albert Einstein, and plenty of Wise Women before him. This paradigm has a vested interest in the maintenance and preservation of the status quo. They lack the Soul capacity and Knowledge to fix and upgrade.


Turn around bright eyes! Deprogram + Recover. It’s paramount you undo your conditioning and redo your Mindset and Beliefs. Yes, reset your whole worldview – literally. Labs and dollars are not the answer. Never have been. Welcome to Woman-lore and Multi-level Enrichment. Earth + Soul Knowledge for modern women. The return of Wisdom, Health + Wealth – our Sovereignty.

02. What on Earth is going on?

  • Rape. Violence. Slavery. Prostitution – of Women + children
  • Human trafficking. Dog meat + fur trade – hideous! Deplorable. 
  • Whore houses. Foot binding. Funeral pyres. 
  • Experiments. Dis-ease + Violence Cycles
  • Genocide. War. Poverty.
  • Greed. Control. Damage control. 
  • Mass production. Overpopulation. Pollution. 
  • The Mechanics of cruelty. Oppression. 
  • Shame. Blame. Fear. Pain. Heartache. 
  • Mental, physical, sexual, ill health.

Fast forward from the Witch mania, the Inquisition, king and clergy and the onset of fuckery. The original terrorists. Have a look at the patriarchal MO and its conditioning. Gross. It’s inaccurate. It’s spread like a virus everywhere. It’s the cancer of the planet and humanity.

This is not our never ending plight Ladies. This is not how we’re meant to be living. We’ve transitioned into Grade 3. Yay! It’s time to shift and uplift Humanity. It’s time to walk in Beauty + Balance again. It’s time to offload the conditioning and shift the status quo. 

Note: Boys have been wounded in this paradigm too. You have a lot of unlearning and healing to do. I have unlimited compassion for you too. It breaks my heart knowing what you’ve endured as well. My work is essentially for Women because:

  • Women have been persecuted and wounded for 2 millennia. 
  • Wounded children grow into wounded adults who repeat wounded cycles 
  • Healing the Global Feminine + psyche heals society and the next generations

¬ The aberrations of Anxiety and Depression originate from patriarchy during and after the Witch mania aka hell on Earth. Generational trauma and dysfunction. This is not our Natural State of Affairs. It’s time to restore the Feminine to Her Rightful Place. Our health and humanity depends on it.

Fact: narcissists don’t go to therapy, their victims do. It’s a given that those who opt out of soul searching and personal development with professionals, will suffer the consequences = problematic lives and relationships. Fact: you want it all without doing the inner work, doesn’t work.

More Unlearning.

A few patriarchal reversals in our Mindset and Language.

¬ Horae – the Time Keeping wise women – the ‘Ladies of the Hour’ who performed the Dances of the Hours – the imitation of the zodiacal circling of the hours (Astrology) . They were our foremothers, the ancient Priestesses fluent in Horology. They were known as the ‘fair ones’, begetters of all things who in appointed order bring on the day and night, summer and winter, so as to make months and years grow full. They were mother-midwives and experts in the sexual Mysteries. The patriarchal reversal: whore.

¬ Brand spanking new – the assholes who slapped, spanked and held upside down newborn babies through sheer ignorance and cruelty – ensuring all newborns felt terror and pain as opposed to their first experience of Mother’s tender loving care. This caused anxiety for Mother and Child and was the first step in damaging the Mother-infant bond. Days later, newborn boys were herded for genital cutting, girls for ear piercing. Hello ptsd and the inability to assimilate such terror, agony and emotions. Causation: anxiety, depression, suppressed rage = violence, adhd, mistrust, feeding, sleeping and reactive issues and the annihilation of the Warrior Code. Unconscious mothers with low IQ + EQ dismiss their baby boy’s hellish suffering as ‘he’s such a difficult baby’. Wake up!

¬ Fuckfornication under command of the king. They legalised the rape of every child over the age of 6 – paedophilia. That age changed to 12 in the 16th century. Mother fucker – rape pregnant women and Mothers prior to torture and the stake.

¬ Cunti – the Great Goddess, Kunda – the Yoni of the Universe. The root word Cunti comes from Kin, country and kind. It means revering Life, Mother and Kinship. Protecting the cradle and the children. The Matrilineal blood line and relations. The patriarchal reversal: cunt = hate woman.

¬ 13 – The number 13 has always represented both the Lunar Round (13 months and moons) and the High Priestess teaching her six Female and six Male students, in total balance. The patriarchal reversal: the devil number

Devil | Lived. Evil | Live. Note the patriarchal reversals.

03. There’s a Gaping Hole in Reality

Matriarchy – a foreign concept to modern man. Avoid discussion and google – riddled with conditioning, reversals and inaccuracy. The mediocre minds will scoff and debate till the cows come home. A futile exercise. Thank goodness for men like you Graham Hancock who also questions.

This section is going to be new to most of you. Because patriarchy cut off the most fundamental aspect of Life – the Feminine. They may as well have cut your arm off.

Here it is: father, son and the holy ghost aka the missing piece! → Woman/Mother and Child.

As humans we have a feminine and masculine side in total balance. When the paradigm on Earth severs and destroys the Feminine – humans are damaged, lopsided and completely out of balance – the damage is plain to see.

A tip for this section: you’re unlearning! Keep your mind open. There’s a whole realm that has been stripped out of Consciousness. Our Matrilineal Heritage – and everything it encompasses. The Earth + Soul Knowledge that was once commonplace. Far too broad a subject to cover here. (my Woman-lore Program – Advanced Level).

Kiss! Let’s keep it simple sunshine! Keep an open mind.

Yep, there’s a gaping hole in reality!

¬ This is for the folks who are not satisfied with the prevailing orthodoxies of today and who question the theoretical bases upon which they rest. It is written in the hope that it will help crystallise the vague sense of disquiet felt by many thinking people and thus turn it into a motivation for positive change – to demolish the dangerous edifice of misunderstanding known as the ‘human science’ by showing that something is very wrong with our ‘common-sense’ notions about humanity and tracing those misleading ideas to their source.’ – The Key
That source is patriarchy.

04. Mind over Matter

So it makes sense that a male paradigm hell bent on waging unremitting war on the Feminine in their quest for control and greed, are completely clueless about and devoid of our Feminine Self, Wisdom, Knowledge and Principles. They wiped it out at all costs. And they have left Humanity impoverished and in turmoil because of it.

Makes sense too that operating in a male dominated paradigm with 5 sensory male thinking and male ways of doing things, Mindsets, world views and belief systems, are the causation for the fucking mess we’re in today. Every bit of it runs counter to the Feminine on every level. 

It’s simple: males do not bring forth Life. It’s a foreign concept to their whole existence. The end.

Makes sense too that anxiety and depression, protection rackets and survival mechanisms over the last 2 millennia have been faulty – the common dysfunction and dis-ease.

Mind over Matter.

A Matriarchal Mindset is the #1 success tactic for Women. It’s a Soul Tonic. It recalibrates Soul, Mind and Body. It’s an essential healing act for Women. It transforms the way you view yourself, upgrades your relationships and outcomes in Life and the way we live on the Planet – from the inside out. It’s the cornerstone of genuine, intrinsic, Feminine Honour, Worth and Health. It shifts our fundamental Principles and Mothering and naturally paves a better way. It’s as old as the hills and as pure as the driven snow. It’s our Birthright. It’s ancient Knowledge for modern Women.

Fact: wounded women attract wounded men who have wounded children and so the cycle repeats. Women’s shelters are full of them. So are prisons. Labs and dollars are not the answer. A massive fucking shift is the answer! We cannot continue as we are. The same system that created this shit cannot fix it. That includes the charlatans – the ‘gurus and energetic’ bullshit artists too. Topical, superficial ‘fixes’ are just that and don’t hit the mark. Beware Ladies. This is next level Teaching not out there yet.

05. The Offload

Genuine healing is a process. Anyone who sprouts ‘just get over it’ has zero to low EQ. Healing requires Deprogram + Recovery with next level Teaching. Re-learning is the Key. So is grieving, with a roadmap to renewal. Putting an end to the chronic pain/anger cycle and rifts between peoples and Nations.

Every life matters. What has been done to Humanity over the last 2 millennia is deeply wounding. For All of us.

  • Women. Men
  • Tribal/indigenous
  • Black
  • Royalty
  • Animals
  • Mother Earth
  • All of us – the world over. It’s his-story. On its last legs thank fuck. 

¬ Where to from here? Re-learning and restoring our rich, Matrilineal Heritage is an essential healing act for Women. Your true Matrilineal Heritage. Instead of the sick his-storical version. This system has wounded and ailed our foremothers en masse. Go back 100 -150 years and learn the hardships and horrors women endured – your foremothers. Then ask yourself the cause of their dis-ease. This system has caused womens ill health with the audacity to diagnose and label and then pass this BS belief system on to you.

 It’s paramount we undo the patriarchal reversals in our Mindset, Language, Birthing, Mothering, Mythology and Symbols. It’s vital we heal the global wounded Feminine. It’s essential to dump the 5 sensory lab mentality and dependence on the dollar and re-learn the Multi-sensory Unified web of Life and our place within it. It’s paramount you learn about your original Mothers in the Matriarchal Ages – the gorgeous wise women in the epitome of health and intelligence – our true, rich, noble foremothers.

It’s Time to pave a better way. It’s Time for Old Souls and Higher Minds to teach, guide and lead the way. It’s Time for our Knowledge, Wisdom and Principles to be commonplace again. Imagine what we’ll achieve then! Building pyramids, aligned with the wandering stars, with our Minds again, perhaps. Wakey wakey. Our Minds and Lives and Souls and Potentials are astounding. 

¬ Golden Nugget: be mindful of what you tell yourself. Believe you can, you will. Believe you cannot, you won’t. Believe yourself well or ill, you will. It truly is Mind over Matter. It’s belief systems and biochemistry every day of the week. Make yours a Lady brain and experience the difference. I did.

Love and peace, xo

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