Celebrating Old Souls + the Lone Wolf Dynamic

February 6, 2023

Today’s blog is a shout out to Old Souls. Because I am one! My story is your story. I know what it is to be one. I know the mis-information and judgement that accompanies it. It’s a hard path, not for the faint of heart. So please celebrate yourself today and every day. I trust this blog will give you insight into how the 3 humans operate and bring some understanding into your Lone Wolf Dynamic. Hopefully it will ease some pain, suffering and loneliness for you very special folks.

This is for the folks who are not satisfied with the prevailing orthodoxies of today and who question the theoretical bases upon which they rest. It is written in the hope that it will help crystallise the vague sense of disquiet felt by many thinking people and thus turn it into a motivation for positive change – to demolish the dangerous edifice of misunderstanding known as the ‘human science’ by showing that something is very wrong with our ‘common-sense’ notions about humanity and tracing those misleading ideas back to their source.’ ¬ The Key

That source is patriarchy. The 5 sensory, profit before Life system currently in charge. Not Power. With Power comes great Knowledge and Response-ability. This system of greed and control is completely morally bankrupt, left hemisphere stuff. You’ll never fit in. Be glad of it.

01. This is not the human condition, simply conditioned humans in patriarchy.

Always keep that in mind! We live in information age with a severe lack of Knowledge, with a lab mentality to boot. Those busy pulling everything apart fail to see how everything fits together! 

We humans have an incredible potential capacity. Incredible! The remnants of which we see all around us, dotted around the globe. Pyramids and amphitheatres of an age gone by. Built by highly intelligent and sophisticated civilisations that were wiped out by patriarchy in their quest for control and greed. A potential capacity that is sadly stifled and squashed by schools and society – the operant conditioning system of the last 2 millennia. The tail is wagging the dog.

Let’s get a few things straight before we continue. Humanity is in turmoil. This is not how we’re meant to be living. Your Soul is not valued nor governed by the dollar. Once all the trees are dead and the rivers polluted and dried up, you cannot eat your dollar. Our bare essentials, food and shelter, do not cost the Earth. Academia and Intelligence are not one and the same. Wisdom and Virtues are dead and buried under patriarchy. There’s so much more to all of this as you well know. Hold on. Great things are coming.


Each constellation we travel through takes approximately 2160 years and brings us life lessons here on Earth School – both individually and collectively – for our Soul growth and evolution. The previous era was Matriarchy. This last 2 millennia has been patriarchy. And we have recently transitioned into the new era of Peace. About bloody time. What a mess.

So, let’s take a brief look at the lesson of patriarchy: what happens to humanity when the Feminine is annihilated, in a profit before Life system? The damage to Humanity and Mother Earth is plain to see. The other point I’d like to make: my work is not a man bashing exercise. It is wholeheartedly and unapologetically an asshole bashing one! Having studied the larger cycles at work for some 30 years, I’ll help you understand the basic Teachings that are no longer taught so you too can learn to love your Old Soul self. This paradigm has waged unremitting war on the Feminine – starting with the Witch mania – and have stooped to every sinister low imaginable to wipe out our Matriarchal Knowledge and Wisdom. They’ve wiped out our gorgeous warrior men in the process too. Of course, they must wipe out the masculine warrior-code at all costs to keep their sinister shit in place. Thank goodness their time is at an end. No peanut on Earth can ever beat the Larger Cycles at work.

The Eyes of Truth are always watching. #Karma. The his-story is the same story for each and every one of us on Earth. It’s atrocious and has caused much wounding and heartache for Humanity the World over. Facts are facts. We all know what has come to pass over the last 2 millennia. Hold tight sweetheart – change is just around the corner.

02. 3 Types of Humans

Here on Earth School, there are 3 types of humans. Summed up in this quote: ‘Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened.’ ¬ Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Old souls – Multi-sensory, Wise, Conscious + the Lone Wolf Dynamic
  • Young souls – 5 sensory, new + unconscious
  • Brinkers – mid + vary somewhere in between, operating in the mental/energy realm before Soul level

Hence, Worldview, Wisdom, Knowledge + opinion differs vastly between the 3 types. Hands up if you’ve encountered a ghost only to tell your friend who scoffs and says they don’t exist. Hands up if you encounter folks who don’t know the difference between right and wrong, normal and abnormal. There’s nothing wrong with you. Old souls Know. Young souls don’t know they don’t know.

Let’s have some fun here: perhaps you’ve heard the joke about ‘how many Californians does it take to change a light bulb? Five. One to change the light bulb and four to share the experience. It’s all about the energy man’. That’s the brinkers all over – the woo-woo, Woodstock types – gotta love em.

These 3 types operate in very different ways. Too broad a subject to cover here of course so I’ll keep it simple. The old souls are the Climbers. The brinkers are the Campers. The young souls are the Pullers. What does that mean?

It means the old souls are off travelling, quest-ioning, seeking usually self-employed and/or fringe-dwellers. They’re the wise leaders and teachers and guardians of Mother Earth and Her secrets. The brinkers are the peeps who keep the village functioning: the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. And the young souls are the Pullers, the mob mentality with the tall poppy syndrome with victim/bully dynamics taking no responsibility in life – aka the Fools Journey – they’re new and clueless and opinionated without knowledge. (social media). The ‘learn it Monday sell it Tuesday’ types. And the ‘plastic fantastic’ fake types. We know who they are in the Soulless fake/beauty industry. How do we know when society is ass about face? We’re in it!

Pro Tip: the bully dynamic – aka the Bright bird, dull bird syndrome. They will stop at nothing to pull you down, overtly or subtly. This paradigm is riddled with it, from school yard to domestic violence and cyberbullying. The underpinnings are the same, all from the family of origin. Just the degree that varies. Damaged children in adult bodies. The teaching here is ass about face and grossly misunderstood. This passive + resilient crap is prime example. #unlearning – A) to teach you the origins of it all and B) to keep you all smarter, stronger and safer until we flip it.

03. Earth Walks + Family Dynamics

I remember when I was five, I asked my dad ‘how do I fit in here?’ I was asking how my vast Soul fit into my little girl body. Of course, he couldn’t answer me and dismissed me. But I pondered until I worked it out. Ah, I go back to my Star. I knew I was a deep old Soul.

I know I signed up us as a messenger of Ancient Knowing systems. And over the decades I researched the ancient teachings and found handfull of teachers that gave me the vocabulary to my Knowing. 

‘The fire that is our essence comes from the stars and to the stars we return’ – Jamie Sams, Seneca Nation, Wolf Clan Teachings.

Our Soul is a multi-faceted diamond, coming to Earth School each time to learn and evolve. We simply cannot experience all there is to experience in 1 lifetime. Each earth walk is our own Chosen Life Assignment. We choose the soul pods – people/family – in which we will experience and learn lessons. It’s the ‘who and what’ we attract into our lives to play out our path, our journey, our stuff, each time. We cannot achieve this in one lifetime. Each round will polish a facet of your diamond-soul. And yes, if you’re a shit in one life, you’ll pay that back over the next. I bet Hitler is now living on a rubbish heap, starving hungry somewhere. #Karma.

¬ Contrary to popular belief there is a road map in life. It’s called a Natal Chart. Astrology = Soul Knowledge – Know Thyself, just for starters. Beware the charlatans and those riddled with patriarchal reversals.

Choose carefully – any true Astrologer has spent (lifetimes and) decades learning this ancient, phenomenal field of Study, and applying to Self, long before delineating charts for others.

Mathesis is Mother Knowledge in accordance with the Lunar Round – once common knowledge = Consciousness. The Genuine Conscious Mothers. Matriarchal Wisdom and Knowledge from the Woman’s Domain that must return for the well-being and survival of the next 7 generations. Throw the minefield of mis-information away. It’s so last century Sistar, leave it there. (Woman-lore Program opening soon). 

Hands up if you’ve ever felt misunderstood by your parents/family? Or felt they’re alien – polar opposites. Hands up if you feel you don’t belong here in this society, in this era? Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with you!

Family dynamics …

and all the transactions herein are wide and varied, each playing out their stuff. Unconscious until conscious over countless Earth walks. Just as there are 3 types of humans, so too there are 2 Parenting Styles. Old souls (conscious), Brinkers + Young (unconscious). Our children are our Guests of Honour, here to make unconscious parents/family members face + learn lessons and the unresolved parts of themselves. Parents are doing the best they can at any given time, all part of the process. The downfall of the Mother-rite has been the downfall of us all. There’s major unlearning to be done here. Mothering has never been about ‘perfect’. Conscious Mothers get it right because they’re old souls. They have well adjusted, happy, healthy, peaceful children full of Virtues. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

There’s a myriad of lessons to learn here on Earth – from serial killers to billionaires in this paradigm. From cruelty to kindness, rags to riches, ignorance to wisdom and everything in between. We’ve just completed second grade in the grand scheme of things (the Grand Era’s) – the last 2 millennia of dis-ease and violence cycles. Yay, it’s upgrade time. Out with the old karmic shite and in with the new.

We are both pupils and teachers in life, depending on our Soul level of course. People are a reason, a season or a lifetime. Folks come and go. Are they teaching you to be assertive or are you teaching them boundaries? Oftentimes it goes both ways. And contrary to popular belief, ‘they’ are not always mirroring you. There’s only 1 of you in the whole world. When you know better, you do better, you attract better and can see straight through those who don’t. The end. There’s major unlearning to be done here too. Beware the mind-mappers, riddled with old male theories – based on persecution of Women, the clergy and hideous experiments with 5 sensory, male based mindsets. They’ve fed society all manner of low-level crap. This is not our Natural State of Affairs Ladies.

Lest we forget our foremothers,

the Wise Women, who have been persecuted, butchered and imprisoned in their institutions. Lest we forget the women + children of war and genocide. Let’s make a date to honour them! This paradigm knows nothing of our True Feminine Heritage. They have an ego and financial investment in the maintenance and preservation of the staus quo, keeping you sick and tired in their multi-trillion-dollar sickness industry. Ever wondered why Women have cancer? Do you know about the Constellation of Cancer? Do you know about the Riches of the Woman’s Domain? Of course not. They wiped it out.

On that note the male theories of old class the Old Soul/Lone Wolf Dynamic as 1 of the 3 Schema’s: Defectiveness, Abandonment or Social Isolation. Be mindful of the fact that you do choose your ‘stuff’ each time around along with the soul pod to play it out with. It’s all part n parcel of the Soul’s evolution. If you’re meant to walk further than crowd, embrace it!

04. Old Souls

As an Old Soul you’re a person who knows you’re much older than your physical years in this earth walk. This Knowing is accompanied by the gift of high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) higher Mind, centre brain, hyperlinker Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness (WQ), intuition, and keen insight into the human condition. As opposed to the ‘young + brinkers’ who think they’re there. You can spot them easily in this paradigm – they think they’re experts on everything! Influencers, sponsored lives, bling, social media and completely dysfunctional.

For example – any true Astrologer will tell you it takes a minimum of 6 years study, in formal class plus many years passionately pursuing learning.. And then specialise. And I know that after 30 years of research in this lifetime, I know the tip of the iceberg. Yet there are brinkers online who have studied the moon (or fill in the blank) for 1 year who are out there calling themselves ‘astrologists’ with bright shiny branding, offering classes! Cringe! You get the drift. They live in information age with a severe lack of Knowledge. The learn it Monday, sell it Tuesday types.

05. Why do Old souls suffer? 

Because you’re way ahead. You’re a Guardian + a Way shower. Old souls are classed as: idealistic, dreamers, dyslexic, renegades, with a mad/genius dynamic. Often unique, or ‘in the spotlight’ they are frequently outcasted, ridiculed, shunned, discredited, imprisoned and persecuted. Given the gag-order amidst the common mob mentality, dysfunction and stupidity. We are people who won’t be conditioned by society, find it monotonous, who can see straight through it, which naturally makes us more vulnerable to judgement and hate from the unconscious masses. The Witch mania is prime example. Old souls are the epitome of wisdom and health on every level, completely balanced in their feminine and masculine sides. Their children the same.

¬ The joy and grief of travel. You know the difference between a traveller and a tourist. You know you don’t have a hope in hell of fitting in. I worked and travelled abroad for 11 years. I rode a horse around the Great Pyramids of Egypt for 3 hours. And when I returned to the country of my birth, I felt like a stranger in a strange land, for 5 years! It was awful. And lonely. I had anxiety attacks for the first time in my life. It’s called counter-culture shock. I had to sit and listen to crap about footy and eyebrow waxing. I was unheard and disregarded, rejected, ghosted. (that’s nasty low-level behaviour). Misunderstood. Labelled ‘hard work’ or fake or too quiet or full on. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had to walk away. Walk away for my sanity, self-care, sovereignty and self preservation. Trying to explain is futile. Poles apart. And that’s ok.

‘Great Minds discuss Ideas, average minds discuss events and simple minds discuss each other’ ¬ Eleanor Roosevelt. Counter culture shock takes about 5 years to settle. You’ll never fit in but knowing this helps.

Old souls have an unlimited well of tenacity, intuition, and self-containment for good reason. It’s a lonely path. It’s an amazing path. It’s not for the faint of heart. Embrace it. You dare to do what most do not. Old souls have consciousness whilst society talks about it. Sitting at home trying to teach, preach, package and sell it. Walk on.

06. the Lone Wolf Dynamic

Have you noticed there’s not enough accurate teaching or support for you? Mis-information abounds in this day and age – left hemisphere internet + degrees. Completely devoid of Wisdom, Soul Knowledge or Earth Knowledge. Ugh. #unlearning!

I know you walk alone. I know you operate in the heights and depths most cannot fathom. You deserve understanding and acceptance. You also deserve to find your tribe of kindred spirits. The ancient Knowledge is buried and lost. Yes, the very Soul food you seek. And conscious Mothers need support too. Yes you, the 3 year breast feeders who never hit your children who are Mothering alone with well adjusted, healthy, happy conscious kids full of Virtues and Standards. Breathe. I got you. The mask of motherhood is a minefield. (Earth Mother mini course in the Academy opens soon, dedicated to you).

Old souls keep to themselves. You need alone time. You’re not shy or socially awkward. You’re not a classic introvert either. You simply cannot relate! You can discuss the Cosmos all day long with another old soul! But footy and eyebrow waxing makes you run a square mile. Typically, we’ll have our handful of besties dotted around the globe. But we’re on the outside looking in. Be glad of it. You’ll always travel further than the crowd. You’ve done more rounds. And that’s ok. The reason you don’t ‘fit in’ with the crowd is because you’ve been further than the crowd – you’ve done the Lives. You’re destined for bigger and better things. And really, truly, old souls are meant to teach, guide and lead the way. This paradigm has fucked that up majorly. The tail is wagging dog!

Old souls have the eyes to see what most do not. You have an abundance of innate self-awareness, health, wisdom and virtues. You have cosmic Knowledge and understanding – Consciousness. You’ve cleared karmic debts. You have an unlimited well of compassion for humanity. You know what it is to experience every gamut of emotion and life lesson. You’ve been through the dark night of the soul and cleared the slate. 

07. Common Insults and misunderstandings – don’t take it to heart sweetheart

– You think too much. Being wide awake is a wonderful thing. As they say, ignorance is bliss. Never ever suppress your smarts or your curiosity. You Know the Mysteries + interconnectedness of it All.

– You’re arrogant. A dime for every time you’ve heard that one. Mediocre minds cannot comprehend the Cosmos! Nor are they bi-lingual. When you know better, you do better, you attract better. It’s our job to teach and lead the way. That’s been suppressed and forgotten in this paradigm, leaving you as fringe-dwellers instead. 

– You’re blunt/harsh. Says a society in stupor with the gag order! Honesty is dead and buried along with many other Virtues in this paradigm. Honesty helps us grow. It’s essential for awareness and growth. Speaking the truth is not negative, is always the best policy and an absolute Soul-tonic. The only folks who cannot handle honesty are those living a lie and the great unconscious. Being unable to speak the truth has detri-mental consequences and health issues. Self-doubt, loss of integrity, pleaser/people dynamic, lack of self-awareness, ownership + self-correction of behaviours, passive/aggressive behaviours, ghosting (low level behaviour). The list goes on. This resilience shit is a bi-product of this unconscious paradigm. Always be honest. It’s best to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. And from experience, understand you’re a seed planter. The truth will always be understood when the recipient is ready. Their light bulb moment will happen in time.

‘The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” ¬ Albert Einstein

¬ Old souls find society tedious + monotonous. Hands up if you’re bored shitless in this era. Me too! Ugh this society has folks stuck in the grind for the dollar doing the same shit year in, year out, to pay taxes, cars, bricks + mortar mortgages and credit cards. Trading your soul for the system. Job stands for just-over-broke. Taking orders from idiots on the minimum wage to pay for food + rent is soul destroying. Fuck that!

¬ We need Temples, Castles and Quests. We need Travel and purpose and meaning in Life. We need to sit with wise teachers in Mystery Schools and Grand Libraries, sit with elephants and spend time in the Natural World. We need to soar to great heights + walk bare foot. We know academia and Intelligence are not one and the same. (we need Hogwarts and Steiner schools). We know religion and Spirituality are not one and the same. We understand the Starwheel and sacred geometry. We know Lady Justice with Her all-seeing eye, does not wear a blindfold. We know this paradigm has made a pigs ear of things and a grand mockery of Justice. Don’t ever lose yours.

Pro tip:

¬ Always remember you are not tired of Life. You’re tired of society. Your Soul does not reside here. My Soul resides in Rivendell. Place yours there too. I’ve learnt to function in society and pay my way. But I don’t operate here. I find it tedious, mind numbing and frustrating. I spend as little time as possible in it. And to think they want to inject us and our babies with their lab-rat-chemicals! The sheer ignorance of it. How do you know when patriarchy have achieved their goal? When the token, damaged women carry out their dirty work. Walk on.

¬ Be kind and gentle with yourself. These things hurt. It always hurts to be misunderstood, rejected + persecuted. Hypatia of Alexandria, Joan of Arc, Sir Frank Whittle and Robert Johnson were too. Celebrate your pioneering, savvy spirit. Celebrate your kind, Old soul. Celebrate your Knowledge and Gifts. Your talents must be shared with the world. Enjoy travel, books and good food. Nourish and nurture yourself. Get back to Nature – she always restores your senses and sensibilities when humans have lost their way. This corrupt, damaged era is on the way out. We will see revolution over the next 30 years. It’s written in the stars. Old souls will lead the way once again. Good things are coming. We’re here to progress things – shift + uplift the status quo. It’s time. Time to Walk in Genuine Beauty and Balance once again. In the meantime, take care Bright Eyes.

There’s plenty of work to be done to get humanity back on track. And it will be done in our lifetime. For families, communities and nations. We all deserve better. Mother Earth has everything we need in abundance, for free! Reconnect + Respect.

Here’s to ancient Knowledge for modern women. Here’s to the return of Woman-lore. Here’s to transforming ourselves and the way we live on the planet. Here’s to this wonderful revolutionary time on Earth. We cannot continue as we are.

My Gift to You









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